REVIEW: Jessie James Decker’s Releases New EP “Gold”

Socialite Jessie James Decker has demonstrated her talent as a musician through her new EP Gold. And we will tell you, Gold is pure gold!

Decker is absolutely about to make a huge hit on the country scene with her stunning voice in 2017. We can’t wait to see where this EP takes her career, as it is perfectly produced and demonstrates her pure talent. Gold is not an EP to skip over, go and listen to it and you will not regret it!

Produced by Daniel Agee and recorded at his studio in Nashville, the project’s sultry lead single “Lights Down Low,” has garnered more than 6.5 million streams on Spotify, hitting #1 on the iTunes Country chart and Top 10 overall within 24 hours of its release.

As co-writer on 2 of the EP’s 5 tracks, the polished and breezy feel of Jessie James Decker’s GOLD illustrates the singer’s seasoned songwriting and contagious optimism. GOLD also features tracks by powerhouse songwriters Maren Morris, Jeffrey Steele and Jesse Frasure.

Keep reading to get a track-by-track breakdown of the EP. You can also listen to each song below! Gold is available everywhere today.

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Shoot Out The Lights“- As soon as this song starts, you know its going to keep you listening the whole time! The chorus is by far the catchiest part of “Shoot Out The Lights” and we cannot stop singing it! This is the perfect song to jam to in the car on your drive to your spring break spot with friends!

Girl On The Coast” – “Girl On The Coast” has a charming beach feel to it with a hint of a reggae beat to it, providing it with a refreshing sound! When we listen to this song we picture ourselves in the picture she depicts through her lyrics and living vicariously through the song. Anyone who has ever been to a beach can relate to this song perfectly. This is our favorite song off the album!

Too Young To Know” – From the start, our first impression was this is a song
Taylor Swift would love! “Too Young To Know” demonstrates Jessie James Decker‘s amazing vocal range which makes her such a unique artist! We could picture this song being popular on both the pop and country charts.

Lights Down Low“- “Lights Down Low” is an adorable song that everyone can relate to! At some points everyone wants to have a relaxing night at home with their significant other and this song describes that perfect night! The beat and chorus are so catchy it was stuck in our heads for so long after listening to it!

Gold” – Last but not least, “Gold” has a special place in our hearts. It is a fantastic love song that lyrically depicts a love that many strive for! The melody and lyrics fit hand-in-hand, making it a beautiful song that we could listen to on repeat. Jessie James Decker‘s voice is breathtaking, but this song make us love it even more!

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