Review: The Odd Life Of Timothy Green (@OddLifeMovie)

We were given the opportunity to watch The Odd Life Of Timothy Green before it hit theaters today. The Odd Life Of Timothy Green is an inspiring story that both opens your mind and your heart. The movie revolves around the Green Family, who live in a quaint  town of Stanleyville. Stanleyville is a factory town that produces millions of pencils each year, and both Cindy and Jim Green work with pencils everyday. Cindy works at the towns Pencil Museum where she takes museum goers on a tour showing them all that the museum has to offer. Meanwhile Jim works at the Pencil Factory which is going through some tough times, as are many towns, and cities in this economy. Jim and Cindy learn some heart breaking news at the beginning  of the movie and start to tell their story because of it.

Though it’s a story they are sure no one who did not witness it will believe it is their story, and they shared it, as best they could. Timothy was their dream child, the night before Timothy came into their lives Cindy and Jim wrote all the qualities they wished their dream child had, put it in a box and buried it, knowing it could never happen for them. Little did they know their lives were about to change for the better. Once Timothy came into their lives people were attracted to him, he was new, her was interesting, and he was different. Timothy taught love, brought joy, and imagination out of everyone he touched, he tried his hardest and always saw grass greener on the other side.

Although you will want to bring your tissues with you to see this movie, in our books it was an A+. The scenery, composition of music, and acting were superb. Just because you are different, does not make you unspecial. Everyone is unique and special in their own way.
The Odd Life Of Timothy Green is in theaters now, and stars Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton and CJ Adams as the Green Family.

Will YOU be seeing The Odd Life Of Timothy Green?