@RexLee_ Dishes About Elliot and Alan’s Wedding Day on Tonight’s Fall Finale of ‘Young & Hungry’ – Read Our Q&A! (@YoungandHungry @ABCFamily)


We can’t believe the fall finale of Young & Hungry is already here! We’ve had so much fun watching all of the characters grow this second half of the season and stir up a little trouble. Plus, it’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for…Elliot and Alan’s wedding day!

CelebSecrets4U chatted with Rex Lee, who plays Elliot Park on the show, to get the scoop on what’s going down in the hour long finale.

In our interview, Rex tells us about Elliot and Alan’s big day, his hopes for Elliot in season 3 and his exciting plans for Halloween. Plus, he reveals his amazing superpower — make sure to check out the interview below!

In “Young & Younger Brother Part 1,” airing at 8PM ET/PT, Elliot and Alan’s (Bryan Safi) wedding is right around the corner, and despite Elliot’s misgivings, the couple asks Gabi to make some whimsical appetizers for their special day. When Josh’s flaky younger brother, Jake (Jayson Blair), shows up for an unexpected visit and announces he wants to be a chef, Josh hires him to help Gabi with wedding prep. But as sparks fly between the two, Josh realizes what he’s done and goes to great lengths to separate the budding lovebirds. Meanwhile, Yolanda panics when she misplaces Elliot’s wedding ring. Elsewhere, Jake has a huge surprise for Gabi.

In “Young & Younger Brother Part 2,” airing at 8:30PM ET/PT, Gabi is thrilled that Jake (Jayson Blair) bought her a food truck and refuses to let Josh’s doubts about their lack of a business plan discourage her. When it turns out that he was right and operating a food truck comes with a whole lot of problems and responsibilities, Gabi doesn’t want him to know how much trouble they’re in. Once the truth comes out, will Josh be able to put Gabi’s happiness before his own feelings, or will he drive away the two people that matter most? Elliott & Alan (Bryan Safi) must get a blessing from Rabbi Shapiro (Joel Books) before they exchange vows, but he’s not very impressed by what he sees. Elsewhere, Sofia and Yolanda each make a love connection at the reception.

Jayson Blair (“Whiplash”) and Bryan Safi (“Throwing Shade”) guest star.

The hour long finale of Young & Hungry airs Wednesday, October 14th at 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

Check out the promo and stills from tonight’s fall finale below.

CS4U: The fall finale of Young & Hungry is next week. Can you share any secrets about the upcoming episode?

Rex Lee: “From my character’s perspective, you know, I’m trying to get married and there are a few obstacles along the way. One of the grooms feels a little bit left out of the preparations for the celebration and then, you know, we need to get our blessing from this spiritual leader and that’s sort of an obstacle basically because we’re sort of pretending to be super happy for his sake and he’s not impressed by that at all, but then SPOILER ALERT it all works out (laughs).”

CS4U: Like you said, your character in the show, Elliot, is about to get married. What would your dream wedding to be like?

Rex Lee: “Oh, you know, I think just, gosh, I’ve never really thought about it (laughs). I think just…I hope this isn’t like a stupid word to use but I mean just sort of classy, I guess, and beautiful. Not a lot of details for you, but I don’t know. I guess I’d be wearing a tux and not like on a beach somewhere. Not that there’s anything wrong with a beach, it’s just not for me. Too much sand (laughs).”

CS4U: Young & Hungry has been renewed for a third season so congratulations on that! Have you started filming for it yet? What would you like to see happen with your character in the next season?

Rex Lee: “We have not started filming. We’ll probably start filming end of November. You know I’d like them to stay married. That’s sort of important to me but, you know, there are all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with the story that could result in my character not remaining married and I hope none of those things happen, but yeah, I think I would like to see Elliot and Alan’s relationship just go deeper. I want to see what happens afterwards. So we’re getting married. What’s the marriage like? Because that seems really needing to me.”

CS4U: You’re always live tweeting with your fans during a show and sharing secrets. Since Halloween is this month and it’s all about pranks and scares, can you tell us about any pranks pulled on set?
Rex Lee: “You know people ask about pranks a lot and I’m really always sort of like nope can’t think of anything. I don’t know. I mean other than if someone falls asleep on set then probably someone’s going to take a video of how they wake you up, but that’s all I can think of.”
CS4U: Do you have any new projects coming up that you can tell us about?
Rex Lee: “Well, I’m getting ready to shoot another episode of Fresh Off The Boat, which is exciting because I really like those people and I’m happy to go play with them again. Um, yeah, that’s what’s on my mind right now.”
CS4U: Do you have any exciting plans for Halloween?
Rex Lee: “I’ll probably go to Las Vegas with my friend from South Dakota. He likes to dress up.”
CS4U: Since we are CelebSecrets4U, can you tell us a secret about yourself that you haven’t already shared with your fans?
Rex Lee: “I have a superpower and here’s how it works. When a person is speaking, when one person is speaking and a second person is misunderstanding them, I know what the first person is saying, I know what the second person is hearing the other person say and I know why they’re having that misunderstanding, and if I’m in a really good mood, I will explain to the two of them, and I’ll say oh you guys had a misunderstanding, here’s what the second person heard you say, here’s what the first person meant to say and everyone goes oh wow yeah. Oh and an interesting corollary of that is I can understand people that speak English with really heavy foreign accents and they don’t just have to be Asian accents, although I’m good at those too. If a person is speaking English with any sort of heavy foreign accent, I can understand them as well.”

Photos: Adam Rose, Ron Tom and Bob D’Amico/ABC Family

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