Ryan Beatty: Self-Titled EP Out Today! (@TheRyanBeatty)

theryanbeattyYouTube sensation, Ryan Beatty,  finally released his new EP entitled “Ryan  Beatty – EP” on October 8, 2013. This is his second Ep, featuring four hit songs “Love Will Come My Way,” “Could’ve Had Love,” “Underdogs,” and “Chameleon.”

“Love Will Come My Way” and “Could’ve Had Love” are upbeat songs that shows his new musical range, while “UnderDogs” is a slower track that holds a special place in Beatty’s heart. The song “Underdogs” is about bullying and how everyone has a purpose. It was inspired by his work to help and motivate kids to stand up to bullying.

Ryan Beatty hasn’t released new music since his last EP “Because of You” in July 24, 2012, but has been teasing the fans with new music while on tour with Cody Simpson. Fans were ecstatic to hear he was releasing an EP with these new songs, since begging the singer for new music. Ryan Beatty expressed that his new EP gives a taste of where he is headed with music and how much he’s grown. His new music offers listeners a more mature sound from before and he couldn’t be happier. “I’m so excited to share this music and let people hear the new sounds I’ve been working on,” Beatty said. “I’m excited to release it and give a preview of what’s coming up on my album.”

The EP offers fans a taste of what is to come in the future and a sneak peek into the style of music the singer is aiming for in his album. Ryan Beatty is currently working and finalizing his debut album, which is expected to come out in 2014. Until then, you can purchase the EP on itunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ryan-beatty-ep/id704476728 …). Ryan Beatty is also headed on tour in November, check www.theryanbeatty.com to see if he is coming to a city near you!

C/O: Ryan Beatty/Instagram