Rydel Lynch & Ellington Ratliff Confirm They’re Dating in New Movie – Watch the Clip!

rydel-lynch-ellington-ratliff-instagram-400-1We knew it was real!!

R5bandmates Rydel LynchandEllington Ratliffconfirmed their relationship in their newR5: All Day All Nightdocumentary which was a one-night only event in select theaters on Thursday (April 16).

It was only a matter of time before everyone found out,Ellingtonsaid. I didnt really want anyone to know yet, we were trying to keep it on the DL.

Rydeladded, I just remember always likingEllington. Like from day one. Hes just like the cutest thing in the world. I dont remember our exact first meeting. I know it was at the range. I dont remember ever actually saying like Hi Im Rydelnice to meet you. It was just one of those things, he was there I was there. And then we would just like innocently flirt back and forth. He flirted with everybody. He has the most flirtatious personality ever. I was like, Im just another one of those girls he flirts with.

Watch the full video on the duoconfirming their relationship below. Ross and Riker’s reactions when they found out are hilarious!

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet Schroder

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