So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20 Performance Night Recap – July 20, 2015 (@DanceOnFOX #SYTYCD)

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So You Think You Can Dancehas returned for itssecond week of live shows tonight (July 20th) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The Top 20 Kate Harpootlian, Darion Flores, Edson Juarez, Marissa Milele, Moises Parra, Gaby Diaz, Hailee Payne, Derek Piquette, Jim Nowakowski, Alexia Meyer, Yorelis Apolinario, Jessica Rabone, Virgil Gadson, Ariana Crowder, Burim B1 Jusufi, Jana JaJa Vankova, Megan Megz Alfonso, Eddie Neptune Eskridge, Lily Frias, andAsaf Goren kicked off the show with a special group performance choreographed by Pharside and Phoenix to District 78’s “Baila Como Yo.” Following the group performance, the contestants were paired together to perform various urban salsa, jazz, contemporary, Bollywood, Broadway and hip-hopsequences in front of judgesPaula Abdul, Nigel Lythgoe,and Jason Derulo.

After the performances, hostCat Deeley announced thatAriana Crowder, Derek Piquette, Eddie Neptune Eskridge, Moises Parra, Darion Flores and Lily Frias were the six contestants that received the fewest votes last week. Cat introduced the viewers to the Twitter Save vote, which allows people watching at home to save their favorite dancer by tweeting the appropriate hashtag. Two dancers would be saved by the viewers and two would be saved by the judges.

Following the announcement, Team Street‘sAriana Crowder, Jana “JaJa” Vankova, Megan “Megz” Alfonso, Yorelis Apolinario, Asaf Goren, Burim “B1” Jusufi, Eddie “Neptune” Eskridge and Virgil Gadsontook the stage to perform and incredible group number to Nathan Lanier’s “Title,” choreographed by Christopher Scott and Phillip Chbeeb. AfterTeam Street,it was time forTeam Stageto perform their group number,Alexia Meyer, Gaby Diaz, Hailee Payne, Kate Harpootlian, Marissa Milele, Darion Flores, Derek Piquette, Edson Juarez, Jim NowakowskiandMoises Parraperformed a beautiful piece to Woodkid’s “Stabat Mater” choreographed byTeam StagementorTravis Wall.

At the end of the show,hostCat Deelyrevealed the Twitter Save results, meaning that Moises ParraandEddie “Neptune” Eskridgewere put through in the competition. Judges Nigel Lythgoe, Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo determined that Crowder and Piquette would be saved as well, leaving Darion Flores and Lily Frias to be eliminated.Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of SYTYCD, so make sure to tune in to the special episode at 8PM on FOX!

Check out photos and videos from tonights episode ofSo You Think You Can Dancebelow.

Photos: Adam Rose/FOX

Written by Juliet Schroder

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