Sophia Grace Debuts New Single And Music Video Over The Weekend! (@PrincessSGB @PrincessRGM @ROSHON)

Sophia Grace and Rosie were first featured on The Ellen Show in 2011, after getting a lot of attention for the Super Bass YouTube video. Since then they have been a staple at The Ellen Show, even getting their own segment, Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie. Ellen also sends them as Ellen Show Correspondents to various award shows to interview talent on the Red Carpet.

Sophia Grace also has been known to take the stage and put on performances at The Ellen Show with Rosie as her hype girl. Now Sophia Grace has taken her talent to a whole new level, coming out with a single, which can be purchased on iTunes now, and a music video.

Her first single is called Girls Just Gotta Have Fun! Of course Rosie is in the video as well, and they have Guest DJ Roshon Fegan spinning in the video. The video is cute and age appropriate and the lyrics are catchy and fun. Check it out for yourself!

What did YOU think of Girls Just Gotta Have Fun?