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Sweet Olympic Moment

When the USA Womens Olympic Gymnastics team took the Gold Over Russia and Romania yesterday they were dubbed the FAB FIVE. With amazing routines that left everyone in awe, and left the Judges giving high scores it was no wonder they girls walked away with the gold, they did a fantastic job! Now one of the FAB FIVE girls shared a very sweet moment with fans world-wide taking to her Facebook page a few hours ago to share the sweet picture. McKayla Maroney added the picture with the caption, “Once upon a time two little best friends from California were dreaming about the Olympics, to get to go there together, They trained together, both make the Olympic team in July 1, 2012 to represent U.S.A in gymnastics at the London 2012 Olympic Games… And the rest is history.” McKayla is of course with long-time friend and team-mate Kyla Ross, proving there is no I in team once again.

What did YOU think of the picture, and the girls Olympic performance?

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