Taylor Swift’s New Single Is A Hit

Country Cutie Taylor Swift is back at it. Tay’s newest single, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, is not only catchy, but is an instant hit. Radio Stations are getting requests for it like crazy and the internet along with Social Media sites are a buzz. The song, is up beat and a single-girl anthem, with the title as the catchy chorus, We-e Are Never-ever Getting Back Together. T-Swizzle is getting ready to release her fourth album, Red, and in true fashion the first single off the new album is PURE Taylor. No mention on who the song is about, but we all know Tay loves to send a message to her Ex’s via music so whoever this may before, let’s hope they get the message and let Taylor be happy.

During a recent live chat (Yesterday Monday August, 13th, 2012) Taylor explained why she named this fourth album Red.  “For the last two years, I’ve been working on an album called Red, I called it Red because of the tumultuous, crazy adventures in love and loss that it chronicles. In my mind, when you experience love that’s fast-paced and out of control and mixes infatuation, jealousy, frustration, miscommunication, and all of those lovely emotions…in retrospect, it all looks red.”  Entitled Red, the album will be released on Big Machine Records and contains 16 tracks. After writing her last album (Speak Now) entirely by herself, for this record Taylor collaborated with several artists, producers, and songwriters she had always wanted to work with. You can see the entire chat below!

Although October seems really far away, it will fly by, Red hits stores Monday October 22nd, 2012. If you haven’t heard WANEGBT (We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together) check it out below!

Who do you think Taylor’s talking about in her single? Sound off in the comments below!