The Amazing Spider-Man: Trilogy

The Amazing Spider-Man is getting a great start to their run, with about$35 Million earned on opening day Domestically, as well as boastingthe biggest Tuesday opening EVER.Experts Movie analystsbelieve that TASMcould reach the $150Million marker by the end of the weekend. Sonyhad already officiallygiven a Spider-Mansequel the green light before The Amazing Spider-Mans release.Sony has now also officially announced thata third installment has been given the green light, making this a franchisetrilogy,much like the spider-man before it. Many speculate Sony was waiting to green light a third installment until after they saw how opening week went, and with a great opening, there was little surprise that they gave the go ahead. The official announcement was made on the Official TASM Facebook page, “It’s finally here! The Amazing Spider-Man is the first installment in a movie trilogy that will explore how our fave hero’s journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents.”

Are YOU excited for the Spider-Man to be made into a Trilogy?

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