The Bachelor Week 9 Recap and FINALE Predictions


Week 9 of The Bachelor is FINALLY here; the long-awaited fantasy suite dates that every fan in Bachelor Nation has been waiting for. The group travels to Jamaica and this is the week that Ben will tell TWO women that he loves them.

Caila Week 9

Caila is the first woman to spend the day with Ben. The couple takes a rafting trip down a jungle river in order to kick off their time together. Ben notices quickly that Caila is not being herself and is concerned about what’s on her mind as well as the lack of communication.

Going into the evening, Ben is hesitant about inviting her to the fantasy suite. Caila finally admits to Ben that she is in love with him and Ben’s relief is apparent. Ben decides to invite Caila to spend the evening in the fantasy suite and she graciously accepts her invitation.

Jojo Week 9

The next woman to spend the day with Ben is Lauren B. The duo spends their day rescuing a nest of endangered baby sea turtles. Ben tells Lauren B. about how he cried when he talked to her sister and admits that he thinks that she is too good for him. In this moment, Lauren B. also admits that she thinks he is too good for her as well.

After swimming with the turtles, the couple spends a romantic evening together and Lauren B. shies away from telling Ben that she loves him. Ben invites Lauren B. to spend the night in the fantasy suite; she accepts the offer and tells him how excited she is to spend time with him. Once inside the fantasy suite, Lauren B. plucks up the courage and tells Ben that she is in love with him. Ben admits back to her that he’s known for a while that he is also in love with her.

Jojo 2 Week 9

Wrapping up this week, Jojo and Ben jump into the day with a helicopter ride. In order to keep the magic going, the couple takes a dip in a magical waterfall deep in the jungle. Jojo admits to Ben that she is afraid, but she also reaffirms the fact that she is in love with him. When Ben tells her that he loves her too, Jojo was nothing shy of surprised. She even asks him, “Are you allowed to say that?”After their proclamation of love, this duo spends another romantic evening together.

Ben internally admits to being in a state of shock having told two woman that he loves them, but is doing his best to focus on Jojo. The couple has one thing hanging over their heads; the drama of her hometown date. Ben admits to the fact that he felt uneasy walking away from her hometown date having no getting to know her brothers any better. Jojo apologizes for their defensiveness and tells him that all she’s thought about the last few weeks was that she’d be devastated if she lost him. Ben wraps up the day by inviting Jojo to spend the evening with him in the fantasy suite and to no one’s surprise, she says yes.

Prior to the rose ceremony, Ben realizes that Caila will be the woman that he will have to send home. Shortly after this realization, Caila decides that she needs to see Ben again before going into the rose ceremony. When she arrives, Ben is nothing but surprised and knows that this is the time that he needs to be honest with her about his feelings and sends her home.

The rose ceremony begins with Chris Harrison checking in with both Jojo and Lauren B. These two women quickly realize that Caila has been sent home and that they are the final two. Jojo and Lauren B. have made it to the finale and Ben will go into it in love with two girls.

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This week, Ben admitted to being in love with both Lauren B. and Jojo. This makes it harder for CelebSecrets4U to predict who Ben will propose to. Based on the fact that Ben said that he has known that he was in love with Lauren B. for some time, we believe that Ben will propose to her. Based on the previews, we are fairly confident that he will send her home first and realize that he made a mistake, but he will ultimately end up with Lauren B.

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