The Evidence Is Building On Tonight’s All New Episode of ‘Guilt’ – Watch A Sneak Peek!

On tonight’s all new episode of Guilt, a video of Grace attacking Molly surfaces and Stan has to go on the offensive to stop the blackmailer. With this new “evidence” against Grace, Stan warns her not to attend Molly’s memorial, but she goes anyway — only to end up looking like a callous murderer in the unforgiving eyes of the British press.

Meanwhile, Grace’s stepfather shows up, causing some family friction now that Natalie has become suspicious of his evasive behavior and connection to Molly, and Molly’s brother Patrick’s quest to avenge his sister’s brutal death leads to an explosive confrontation with one of the prime suspects in her murder.

“#AmericanPsycho” airs Monday, June 20 at 9:00pm ET on Freeform.

Watch some clips and check out some exclusive stills from tonight’s episode below.

Photos: Angus Young & Nick Ray/Freeform

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