The Heirs Are “What You Want” This Summer – Take A Listen! (@TheHeirsMusic)

The LA-based band The Heirs have recently debuted their latest song & video for “What You Want” straight from their debut EP, Ecliptic (out now).

The 80’s alt-track will have you moon walking under that pretty little disco ball as soon as the piano keys start chiming. The head-bopping tempo and bewitching lyrics will whisk you away to a retro-dimension, leaving you in state of euphoria. Directed by Joseph Breese, the music video is a visual-orgasm of all things lovely about the synthpop era. It’s what you want and what you need this summer.

The Heirs is composed of five members – Brandon Hudson (lead vocals/guitar), Savannah Hudson (lead vocal), Alex Flagstad (guitar), Eian McNeely (bass/keys), and Brennan Benko (drums). With nothing, but sheer talent, this precocious band has been tapped for many tours across the US and Europe, including their first ever LA headlining show, which sold out quickly. With over 450,000 fans worldwide, it’s no wonder why they have yet to show signs of slowing down.

For more information on The Heirs, check out their official site The Heirs are slated to perform at The 2016 Vans Warped Tour this summer.

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