The Liars Are Dishing Some Secrets About ‘Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward’ Tonight – Watch a Clip! (@abcfamily @ABCFpll @LittleLiars)


Pretty Little Liars fans are finally getting a glimpse into the highly anticipated new season during a one-hour behind-the-scenes special titled “Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward,” airing Tuesday, November 24th at 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family. 

During last season, fans learned the identity of “A” after years of speculation. The mastermind behind the constant terror thrust upon the Liars was none other than Charlies DiLaurentis, aka Cece Drake, who declared “game over” and let the Liars go their separate ways. Now in season 6B, they’re faced with someone else threatening the group and are forced to reunite post-college.

The special episode will feature conversations surrounding new careers and love interests (#Halebforever anyone?) and interviews with the team behind the Liars’ new looks. We’ll also get a glimpse into some brand-new PLL sets and sneak peeks of two scenes that have never been seen before. Oh and remember the moms who were stuck in the basement? Well, they got out and they’ll be speculating about what happened to their characters after returning to ground level. We can’t wait!

Check out some clips and stills from “Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward” below.

Photos: Adam Taylor and Ron Tom/ABC Family