The Vampire Diaries: “The Hybrid” Recap

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On September 15, the groundbreaking show The Vampire Diaries returned to the CW, with its Season 3 premiere.  The last season left off with Stefan giving himself over to Klaus as a recompensation for Klaus giving his blood to Damon to cure his werewolf bite.  As Damon was dying, Elena was trying to comfort him. There was definitely connection between the two, they even shared a kiss!  We all know that Damon is in love with Elena, but is it possible that Elena loves him too?  During their kiss, Katherine walked in bringing the cure to Damon.  The only thing that could cure a werewolf bite is the blood of a hybrid, half vampire and half werewolf, Klaus.  Season 3 starts off on the day of Elena’s 18th birthday.  Stefan and Klaus have been gone for the the summer going on a rampage killing people and trying to find a pack of werewolves that Klaus can turn into hybirds.  Damon is trying to track down Stefan by keeping a map of all the recent murders, but he doesn’t tell Elena whose been wanting to look for Stefan for the past two months.  Jeremy is seeing his dead vampire girlfriends, Vicky and Anna, which might have to do with the warning Bonnie’s ancestors gave her before she brought Jeremy back to life after his accential murder by Sheriff Forbes.  There is a growing friendship between Caroline and Tyler, which later turns romantic during Elena’s party.  Klaus and Stefan track down a werewolf named Ray in a bar in Tennessee who Klaus wants to direct him to his pack of werewolves.  Klaus finds out that Damon is getting closer to finding them, so Stefan leaves to threaten Damon to stop looking for him.  Stefan loves his brother and Elena and he will do anything for them even if that means being a martyr to keep them safe from Klaus.  Stefan goes to the tv studio where Damon’s friend/girlfriend Andie Star works.  He compels Andie to stand on a plank  that is suspended from the ceiling telling her not to move until he tells her to.  Stefan texts Damon from Andie’s phone telling him to pick her up from the tv studio.  When Damom arrives Stefan threatens him to stop following him and to let him go.  Stefan tells Andie that she can move to make his point that he doesn’t want to be saved, which causes her to plummet to her death.  Damon is heartbroken.  The episode has a very emotional ending with Sefan calling Elena from an unknown number not saying a word.  Elena has a feeling that its Stefan and she reassures him that everything will be okay and that she loves him.

Last night was the second episode of the third season of The Vampire Diaries.  At the very end of the last episode, Caroline was sneaking out of Tyler’s house after spending most of the night with him.  When she went to grab her purse Mrs. Lockwood shot her with needles of vervain, exposing that she was a vampire.  Mrs. Lockwood slipped vervain into Tyler’s coffee the following morning to make sure he wasn’t a vampire.  When Matt points out that there is vervain in the coffee at The Grill, Tyler approaches his mom to find out why she put vervain in his coffee.  He realizes that she knows that Caroline is a vampire, but she doesn’t know what Tyler is.  In order to keep Caroline safe Tyler brings his mom to their underground cellar where he chains himself up during a full moon to expose that he is a werewolf.  After seeing her son turn, Mrs. Lockwood promises that she won’t harm Caroline.  Elena insists on not giving up on finding Stefan and asks Tyler if he knows where a pack of werewolves might be in Tennessee.  Tyler checks it on his phone and he comes up with Smokey Mountains, Tennessee.  Elena asks Rick if he will go with her to find Stefan and he agrees, but doesn’t tell her that he informed Damon about their trip.  With Klaus turning a pack of werewolves into hybrids on the night of a full moon there was no way that Rick would let Elena go without himself and Damon as backup. Their trip turns dangerous when the hybrids start to turn, they become rabid and Klaus doesn’t understand why.  He still thinks that Elena is dead and has no idea that Bonnie used a spell that brought her back to life after the sacrifice in the Season 2 finale.  Ray starts to turn into a hybrid frist and disappears.  When Stefan goes to find him Ray bites him and runs away.  Stefan returns to Klaus with a werewolf bite and Klaus tells him he will give him the cure when he finds Ray.  When Elena, Rick, and Damon see Ray things get dangerous and they can only keep him contained for a little while.  Elena and Rick go back to the car while Damon continues to look for Stefan.  Damon comes into another encounter with Ray and Stefan ends up ripping Ray’s heart out saving Damon from another werewolf bite.  Damon knows that there is still some humanity left in Stefan.  Damon leaves and Stefan returns to Klaus with Ray who is dead. Klaus had to kill the pack of werewolves because they turned rabid and when Stefan told Klaus he had to kill Ray, Klaus gave Stefan his blood to cure his werewolf bite.  When Elena gets home, Damon appears in her room and tells her there is still hope for Stefan and he’ll help her bring him back.  Damon did have a question for Elena, why did she give up on the mountain when they were under attack by Ray.  Her response was that she didn’t want to see Damon get hurt, she still worries about him.  There is still an undeniable connection between Elena and Damon and Elena is left very confused of her feelings at the end of the episode.

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