The Walking Dead Releases San Diego Comic-Con 10 Year Anniversary Promo! (@WalkingDead_AMC)

The Walking Dead SDCC Season 4
Oh yes, we have been waiting ever so patiently since the Season 3 finale on March 31st. Well they have officially Released the San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 Promo Art Work! This marks the 10 year anniversary for the Walking Dead franchise which started off as a Comic Book in October of 2003 and has since sparked a T.V. Show, Video Games, and a giant following.

Going into their Fourth Season in October the show will still revolve around our favorite characters, including a snapped back into it Rick, and the search for The Governor.  With fan-favorites Rick, Michonne, Tyrese, and Daryl coming back to kick butt.

They are sure to release some sort of teaser at the San Diego Comic-Con International weekend later this month, and don’t worry, we will have you covered!

Are YOU excited for new Walking Dead?