Tune-In Alert: Baby Daddy “The Emma Dilemma” + Q&A with Jean-Luc Bilodeau (@jlblives)

Andrew Eccles/ABC Family
Andrew Eccles/ABC Family
Andrew Eccles/ABC Family

Ben resorts to devious measures to get Emma into the neighborhood playgroup, and Danny turns to Riley for help with his and Amy’s relationship problems on an all-new episode of “Baby Daddy,” airing Wednesday, August 28th at 8:30pm ET/PT on ABC Family.

In the episode titled “The Emma Dilemma,” Ben finds out that his neighbor Kayla is hosting a playgroup for all of the kids in the neighborhood but is excluding Emma because she thinks Ben is a horrible dad. Ben devises a plan to sneak Emma into the group but when Kayla busts him, he and Tucker start a rival group of their own. Meanwhile, Danny and Amy have some relationship trouble and Danny comes to Riley for help. When Riley tries to help Danny get ready for his salsa dancing date with Amy, Amy catches them in a compromising position. Danny finds a permanent way to show Amy he is committed but ends up making a huge mistake.

CelebSecrets4U caught up withBaby Daddy‘sJean-Luc Bilodeaurecently where he told us all about Ben and Riley’s relationship, what we can expect from season three, and more.

Take a read at the Q&A below. Stills from “The Emma Dilemma” attached…

What are your hopes for Ben in Season 3?

J. Bilodeau: “My hopes for Ben were definitely to find a girl, find a more motherly figure for Emma. Having someone around for Emma is always important. I hope that he keeps his job. I hope that he doesnt make any career moves. I feel that Ben being a bartender for the show keeps him young and funny. I dont really look like a bartender, so I think its really kind of cool that I get to play one and Ive never had a job like that before. So yes, keep the job, get a girl, and then just let the hilarity ensue. Let the writers just take control of each episode and make every episode a funny one.”


What could you tease about Bens relationship with Riley?

J. Bilodeau:“Season 3 picked up where we left off in Season 2. Were building the love triangle and turning it on fire a little bit. We give some closure to that love triangle at the end of Season 2 and it starts with Ben trying to make the move now. Hes realizing that shes been into him for so long and its time for him to take advantage of it. He realizes that shes probably the best example for Emma and hes definitely working toward it. But I dont want to tease too much. You got to watch the show!”


What guest stars might be coming up onBaby Daddy?

J. Bilodeau: “We have a bunch! We had Matt Dallas recently. We also have Greg Grunberg coming back as my dad. Wayne Brady was on earlier this season.

Lacey Chabert comes on and plays about six episodes and shes absolutely incredible. We have Caroline Rhea play Rileys mom. We have a ton of really great people to work with. We had a really great line-up of people to work with this season, especially Lacey Chabert. Shes the nicest human being on the planet. We love her. We wish she could just come back on the show and be a series regular, shes so funny.”


Photo Credit: Bruce Birmelin/ABC Family

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