TV Show Recap: “Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran” (@edsheeran @MTV)

kMTV aired a music documentary series last night (June 10th) on British sensation Ed Sheeran and his journey to releasing his very anticipated second album, Multiply.

Ed shared his excitement for the second album and how he has been hard at work producing with artists like Pharrell Williams.

His bestie Taylor Swift also makes a couple of appearances, admitting her admiration for him as a songwriter. “I’ve never been more jealous of anything in my life; I love the way he incorporates rhythm pattern into lyrics … no one else is writing pre-choruses like that, or verses like that,” admitted Taylor.

Ed shares his inspirations while growing up, and how artists like Eminem introduced him to hip hop, which he loves to incorporate in his music now.

This documentary did not only capture the process of recording his music and leading up to finally releasing it, but it also gives fans a bit of an inside look of his personal life and what he enjoys doing on his free time.

Cameras headed to Sheeran’s hometown for the first time where he opened up the doors to his childhood home and shared anecdotes of his first job at a hotel as well as his first performances at his school.

Sheeran admits in the documentary that he only has about 5 years left to tour because he  plans on getting married and having a family. He says that having a family is the goal in life, not releasing albums.

Sheeran has been busy with a lot of press and radio and t.v. appearances promoting his new album Multiply which comes out June 23rd.

Have a listen to his first single “Sing” off the upcoming album.

Photo Credit: @MTV

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