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Upcoming Film “The Woods” Is Actually A “Blair Witch Project” Sequel!


With The Hunger Games craze coming to an end, Lionsgate may just have another franchise to keep their movie-goers happy. Comic-Con attendees were the first to hear about the Blair Witch Project sequel.

The upcoming horror film The Woods is actually the third installment to the 1999 Blair Witch Project. The title is even a fake! The movie is really going to be called Blair Witch.

Fans were invited to what they thought was a screening for The Woods, but half-way through it, they began to realize that it was actually a sequel to the iconic film. During the screening, they literally had people swap out the original banners and one sheets for Blair Witch ones.

Blair Witch was filmed under-wraps last summer and will be out this fall. In this upcoming film, it picks up right where the other two movies left off. Four millennials  go out to the Black Hills forest to make a film for the documentary class. One of the crew, James, is related to one of the previous people who disappeared 20 years ago. Since then, James has spent his life searching for his sister and trying to uncover what happened.

The first film grossed $140.5 million while the sequel only brought in a total of $47.7 million worldwide. Luckily, fans seemed to have enjoyed the screening which makes me feel hopeful for this revival. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think!

The Woods Blair Witch hits theaters September 16.

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