Vanessa Hudgens Freaks Over Meryl! (@VanessaHudgens @TheEllenShow)

Vanessa Hudgens is making an appearance on The Ellen Show today, and a just released clip shows Vanessa fan-girling over Meryl Streep, and managing to creep Ellen DeGeneres out at the same time!

Vanessa talks about how emotional it was to meet her idol Meryl Streep for the first time at The Ellen Show. She speaks about how amazing she is, and everything she admires about her. Ellen then surprises Vanessa with the mug Meryl had been drinking out of moments before she came out for the sit-down interview, a belated birthday present if you will.

This is where Vanessa scares Ellen just a bit, she exclaims “I’m never washing it!” and then she says “is there any lip gloss on it?” while examining the mug, and Ellen says “I think there probably is, that’s your birthday present” and Vanessa immediately says “I wanna lick it! No…I’m Not” to which Ellen replies, “now you’re getting weird.” and takes back the mug.

Check out the clip for yourself!

Vanessa’s new movie Gimme Shelter hits theaters Thursday, January 24th, 2014.

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