Vanessa Marano Dishes on Bay and Emmett’s Relationship and Her Favorite ‘Gilmore Girls’ Couple – Read Our Q&A! (@ABCFsab @VanessaMarano)


The summer premiere of Switched at Birth is finally here!

To get you excited, CelebSecrets4U sat down with Vanessa Marano†to get you the scoop on whatís to come from tonightís premiere.†In our interview, Vanessa†talks about Bay and Emmett’s rocky relationship, Bay’s controversial sexual assault storyline from last season and who she wanted Rory to end†up with in Gilmore Girls.

In tonight’s episode, Bay is haunted by her breakup with Emmett and struggles to figure out where their relationship fell apart. Meanwhile, Daphneís excitement about her new relationship with Mingo is hampered by her friendsí opinion of him. John and Kathrynís new accountant has some bad news and Regina digs deeper into the story of Ericís ex-wife. Plus,†everyone is shocked by the news that someone is pregnant.

Make sure to read our Q&A with Vanessa†below. The summer†premiere†of Switched at Birth†airs tonight at 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

CS4U: The new season starts on Monday, and in a recent interview, Lea teased some financial problems with the Kennish family. Can you tell us a little bit about those issues and how that might affect the kids?

Vanessa Marano: This season weíre going to see a drastic change in the Kennish family in the sense that yeah they might not be as rich as they thought they were, which for a family that has had literally hoards of money for all of their life, itís going to be something that I think will affect the kids a lot but also mainly affect the parents.

CS4U: Obviously Bay and Emmett have had a very tumultuous relationship. At the end of last season, Bay pretty much made it clear that if Emmett said he didnít want to be with her then the relationship was over. What are your thoughts about their relationship? Do you like them together? Do you hope it works out in this upcoming season?

Vanessa Marano: I mean, hereís the thing about Bay and Emmett. I feel like obviously the audience is rooting for them and they have this aspect of they are destined to be together. Their love crosses no language, no ability to hear. They get each other in spite of everything being against them. That being said, they are not good for each other. Like Iím sorry, but he cheated on her, heís leaving her for a girl in California after she was sexually assaulted. Thereís a lot of problems there (laughs). If they can get past those problems, great, but I think at the end of the day they havenít been able to do that and a lot of that comes from the fact that theyíre both young and this is their first endless love it feels like and itís hard to get past issues that are so much more complicated then what they should be experiencing at the age theyíre at.

CS4U: Bay’s whole plan last season was to go to LA and be with him. Now that theyíre not together anymore, how have the plans changed? What is Bay going to be doing?

Vanessa Marano: Oh, she has no plans. Sheís sobbing. Sheís sobbing for a good chunk of this season. Bayís life is in shambles right now. She isnít in art school. She stopped doing her street art. Sheís going to community service for Daphne. Sheís given up everything to move to Los Angeles. She has nothing for her own right now, so I think this season is really about her taking back her life and doing things for her once she gets over the massive devastation sheís experiencing.

CS4U: It seems like thereís going to be an unexpected pregnancy on the show. Can you tell us something about it without giving too much away?

Vanessa Marano: John Kennish is pregnant.

CS4U: That would be very interesting.

Vanessa Marano: Thatís been my go to. That†itís John. I think a lot of people are like ‘oh my god pregnant, pregnant pregnant. Whoís it going to be?’ The story line isnít really about whoís pregnant. Itís about what happens after we find out about the pregnancy. I think a lot of people at the beginning of the episode are going to be like ‘oh okay whatever’ and by the end of the episode be like ‘wait what?’ In the premiere episode, the pregnancy thing is answered.

CS4U: What did you think of last seasonís Bay and Tank rape storyline? Will that be something that she still has to deal with in this upcoming season? How did you deal with all of the reactions from the fans?

Vanessa Marano: Absolutely. That doesnít just go away. Thatís something that sheís going to have with her for the rest of her life. She can let it hold her down or she can just continue to move forward and just know that thatís a part of her and a part of her story now. Thatís still very much a part of this next season.†We have awesome fans in the sense that it is a group of such intelligent people who watch this show. We ask them every single week to watch scenes with subtitles. You know what I mean? We ask them to put away their phone and their computer and look at the screen and read every single week, which not a lot of people want to put in the work that that requires. When the storyline came up about the sexual assault, it was crazy because we were asking our audience to be okay with the fact that there wasnít a clear answer. There was not going to be a resolution and that can be infuriating for people, but I think because our audience is so intelligent, really, they were like no I want this conversation. I want there to not be a clear answer. I want to be able to talk about this and thatís what happened as a result of the storyline thanks to the patience and understanding of the fans of the show.

CS4U: How much time do you spend preparing for these episodes having to learn all of your lines?

Vanessa Marano: I have no life when weíre shooting. Every weekend Iím learning sign language. I mean I spend a lot of time preparing for this show. I definitely spend more time on Switched at Birth preparing for scenes and memorizing than I have on any other show, and I was on Gilmore Girls which required a lot of memorization. It didnít require me to do it another language.

CS4U: I was actually going to ask you about Gilmore Girls because Iím a huge fan. Quick question…who do you think Rory should have ended up with?

Vanessa Marano: Oh Jess. Jess. She should have ended up with Jess. Hereís the thing. I always get asked about being in it. Right? Like I get it. People have that teenage love affair fan girl/fan boy obsession with a couple, and I understand that because I had that obsession with Rory and Jess. I am so sad that they are not together. It hurts me a little bit. I canít really talk about it. Iím going to get a little too emotional (laughs).

CS4U: I totally agree with you. I wanted Rory to end up with Jess.

Vanessa Marano: Itís sad.

CS4U: I also hear that youíre a huge fan of the show Empire. If you could play any of the characters from the show, who would it be?

Vanessa Marano: I love Empire (laughs).†Thatís an interesting question. Obviously, Cookie is the one that you go to, but I would not want anyone playing that character except for Taraji. Thatís obviously the best character on that show. I would not want anyone else playing her. She is so fantastic on that show. I love that show. The show Dynasty, right, that was like a show from my parentsí age and everyone would talk about ‘oh my god, watch that show’ and it would just suck you in and you would be like ‘whatís going to happen now.’†Empire is our Dynasty, but instead of it being rich, spoiled, rotten white people, itís the hip hop community and I think itís fantastic. I love Empire.

CS4U: Since we are CelebSecrets4U, can you share a secret about yourself that the fans may not know?

Vanessa Marano: A secret about myself? Letís see here. I mean I really like sleep like more than probably anyone should be sleeping. If I have the opportunity, I will sleep a full 12 hours. Honestly. Thatís not good apparently and itís one of those things were you say that and people look at you like ‘are you okay? Do you need to talk to someone because thatís a sign of depression,’ but I feel so good after sleeping for 12 hours. Itís a little sad. I donít know if thatís a huge secret but it is an ability that I have (laughs).

CS4U: I totally wish I had that talent to be able to sleep for 12 hours.

Vanessa Marano: I hope it never leaves me.

Photos: Eric McCandless/ABC Family

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