@VanessaMarano Dishes On The Season Finale of ‘Switched at Birth’ And The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix Revival – Read Our Q&A! (@ABCFamily @abcfsab @Lizzy_Weiss)

SWITCHED AT BIRTH - "Borrowing your Enemy's Arrows" - Daphne and Mingo are excited about the prospect of introducing their parents – until they discover there’s bad blood between them on an all-new episode of “Switched at Birth,” airing Monday, September 28, 2015 at 8:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC Family/Eric McCandless) VANESSA MARANO


This season of Switched at Birth has thrown an insane amount of storylines at us.

First, there’s John and Kathryn who have been suffering financially and figuring out ways to cut costs. Then, there’s Toby and Lily preparing to bring a child with Down Syndrome into the world.

We can’t forget about Regina who is currently dating a fugitive with a kidnapped child and Bay who had to finally decide how to end things with Tank. And there’s Daphne who cheated on her boyfriend and now she has no idea what to do about the two men in her life.

So what can we expect from tonight’s season finale? A whole lot of crazy!

CelebSecrets4U caught up with Vanessa Marano, who plays Bay Kennish, to get you the scoop!

“Oh well the season finale is going to be crazy,” Vanessa said. “There’s a lot going on. There’s the Bay, Emmett, Travis triangle. There’s the Doctor Quinn, Daphne, Mingo triangle and then there’s the whole oh-yeah-Regina’s-been-living-with-a-fugitive-and-harboring-his-stolen-child-and-now-the-Kennish’s-know-about-that-and-are-threatening-to-tell-the-police thing, so you know just a typical day in Kansas City.”

The actress also told us what it was like working with Nyle DiMarco, who plays Garrett Bandgucci and is also a current contestant on Cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model, where she was when she found out Switched at Birth was picked up for another season and what it will be like working with her sister, Laura Marano, on a new movie project. Of course, she also shares her thoughts on that CRAZY Gilmore Girls revival announcement — make sure to check out the full interview below!

In tonight’s finale “And Always Searching for Beauty,” Bay is thrilled by the opportunity to showcase her newest work in her first art show. Daphne interviews for an internship abroad that would bring her closer to Quinn, causing friction with Mingo.

Meanwhile, Kathryn’s frustrations with John come to a head when he storms out of a deal negotiation and the two have to confront Regina over Eric’s secret past.

Switched at Birth airs Monday, October 26, 2015 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

Check out some clips and stills from tonight’s season finale below.

CS4U: Switched at Birth just got picked up for a fifth season. Congratulations! We’re so excited!

Vanessa Marano: “That’s right! Thank you. So am I!”

CS4U: Where were you when you found out about it? What were you thinking?

Vanessa Marano: “I was by myself watching Million Dollar Listing on Bravo going back and forth between that and reruns of Grey’s Anatomy on Lifetime and I got a group message from Lizzy Weiss, the creator of the show, that said don’t say anything until they officially announce it but we’re picked up for a season 5 and the whole cast was like ‘yay, okay, awesome, alright we wont say anything’ and then literally a minute later a number that like I didn’t recognize texted me and was like ‘congratulations’ because I guess it was out on the Internet in like a second (laughs).” 

CS4U: Emmett hasn’t really been around much this season and now Bay has been kind of dating Garrett. Can you tell us what it was like working with Nyle DiMarco? 

Vanessa Marano: “It was so funny. So the one scene that we had to do, uh, like okay, so like the first episode one of our grips came up to me and was like ‘okay I’m completely comfortable in my heterosexuality but that is a good looking man.’ He was like ‘look at those eyes — those blue, blue eyes.’ Then we were in the next episode where Max Adler, Tank, is our waiter and Max had a line and he kind of forgot the line and was kind of staring into Nyle DiMarco’s eyes and he’s like ‘I’m sorry. I just got distracted by his eyes’ and it was just so funny because it was like you’d think all the women would be swooning head over heels but it was the men who couldn’t believe how unbelievably beautiful he was. He was a sweetheart and he was lovely and he may have turned our entire crew into liking men in my opinion (laughs).”

CS4U: Who would you like to see Bay end up with at the end of this season?

Vanessa Marano: “At the end of this season, I don’t know. I always get people to say that I don’t want Bay to end up with anybody because I just feel like I really want her to find her worth through her and not the boy that she’s dating which she has thankfully been doing this season, like she has been really coming into her own and making decisions based off what’s good for Bay rather than what’s good for Bay’s love life, but I don’t know. The Travis thing I think is so interesting just because that kind of came out of nowhere, you know, like you couldn’t tell me in season one that Bay and Travis were gonna have a fling, like at all. I wouldn’t have believed you. Those characters didn’t even have a storyline together and I think it’s kind of sweet. Both of their hearts were broken at the exact same time and they kind of helped each other get through their heart break.”

CS4U: Last time I asked you about Gilmore Girls, but I’m going to have to do it again. 

Vanessa Marano: “Yeah because that announcement just happened!”

CS4U: I don’t know if you know anything about it but…

Vanessa Marano: “I got Netflix and that’s all I got (laughs).”

CS4U: Would you like to be in it and what do you hope April has been up to?

Vanessa Marano: “I would love to be a part of that. Unfortunately, like when they brought The Comeback back, my character went to college, so I’m really hoping that April didn’t go to college so I can actually be in the show (laughs), which is funny because out of those two characters the character I played on The Comeback, Franchesca, you would have never thought would have ever been able to get into college and meanwhile April was like a super genius so she probably would have already been done with college by the time she’s sixteen (laughs).”

CS4U: You and your sister Laura might be doing a movie together based off of a book. Can you tell us anything about it and how excited are you to be working with her?

Vanessa Marano: “I’m really excited. The book’s called Saving Zoe. Laura and I have had interest in that book for a really, really long time. We met with the writer, Alyson Noel, probably like, I don’t know even know, like 6 years ago. It’s been a really long time, but it was so funny because Alyson was a big Gilmore Girl fan. That was kind of our connection, but it’s just a beautiful book. It’s such a great story and it’s about sisters, so we just really wanted an opportunity to work with each other because, you know, that doesn’t get to happen so often for me and Laura. So yeah, so we’re right now in the works and we’ll take it from there.”

Photos: Nicole Wilder & Eric McCandless/ABC Family