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The Walking Dead 1The Team over at AMC put together a Walking Dead tribute, for someone who has fallen in the season 4A finale. If you have not seen The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale (4A) read ahead, and watch the tribute at your own discretion! We warned you!

In the EPIC Mid-Season Finale (4A) of The Walking Dead, we saw a battle take place, a lot of people die, but most importantly two prominent characters saw their demise. When The Governor decided to “Peacefully”  attack the prison with bait/compromise,  it became quite clear what his real intentions were from the get. Rick being smarter than the average bear, once being an officer of the law, didn’t concede into his demands, hoping for  a peaceful resolution that would not end in battle and death.

However the battle was inevitable, once The Governor sliced off *SPOILER* Hershel’s head with Michonne’s sword, it was on. Both sides had casualties, The Governor’s side having all but two die, and our favorite survivors lost Hershel, and countless more were injured, and Judith is missing! It wouldn’t be an EPIC finish if those who deserved their chance to end The Governors wrath didn’t get their chance, but they did. Rick got some hits in, in a hand to hand battle, Michonne, did what she does best and sliced him up, and the demise of the Governor came when his “girlfriend” Lilly shot him dead.

In honor of one of the best villains on TV and the show’s best villain to date, AMC released a tribute to The Governor featuring interviews with the cast, crew and David Morrisey, himself, who brought the character to life.

The Walking Dead  4B returns to AMC on Sunday, February 9th, 2014.

Can YOU wait until February for The Walking Dead to return?

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