WATCH: Finn Matthews Drops Music Video for “Julia” Today

Finn Matthews has just released his latest single “Julia! 

The song is an up beat, danceable track with an undeniably infectious beat. This is Finn’s third single, preceded by debut teen anthem “Half Hearted” and emotional ballad “I Wrote A Love Song.” 

Finn’s career started when he found a mentor in Elijah Blake, who has penned hits such as Usher’s “Climax”, Rihanna’s “No Love Allowed,” after they happened to meet each other one day in a recording studio. Shortly after, Live Nation took notice of Finn and have partnered with him to help launch his career.  “We are extremely excited about Live Nation’s partnership with Finn and helping him develop as an artist” exclaimed Steve Herman, SVP of Touring at Live Nation. “He is an immense talent and we are thrilled to be part of his journey.”

At 17, Finn has moved from the suburbs of Atlantic City, NJ to Los Angeles where he has dove into his music career head on. He recently performed with Swedish singer-songwriter Léon at the Ones to Watch showcase.

Check out the music video for “Julia” below…

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