We Can’t Stop Watching, We Can’t Stop! (@MileyCyrus)

It’s here y’all! The Much anticipated video for Miley Cyrus’ new single We Can’t Stop is HERE! Originally, it was supposed to premiere tonight via VEVO, however with so much attention surround the video they released it early.

There have been a handful of sneak peeks for the video, Miley had tweeted and Instagrammed some behind the scenes photos, as well as two video teasers.  The video, much like the song, is about having a good time, and hanging out.

The video starts with Miley cutting off her “ankle monitor”, and a Beats by Dre pill, and a gold Grill. Then Miley looks seductive in all white laying in bed with the camera focusing on her, followed by having a dance and twerk party, as well as a party in the pool. There is also a pinata filled with snacks, instead of candy. Then of course the party is ending, and Miley and friends are watching the sunrise, while others are passed out.

This video is exactly what you thought it would be, true to the song. Check it out:

What did YOU think of We Can’t Stop?