We’re Obsessing Over Daniel Skye’s “We Got Us” and Here’s Why (@iamdanielskye)

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Happy Tuesday, readers!

Looking for a new artistto obsess over? Look upDaniel Skye.Youwon’tregret it.

With over 250,000 followers on Twitter and over 1,000,000followers on Instagram, fifteen-year-old pop artist Daniel Skye is making his break into the industry with his new hit single We Got Us.

Music Monday: Meet Daniel Skye

The pop singer is signed to Warner Music Group, sharing the same label as pop icons Jason Derulo, Ed Sheeran, and Jake Miller.

Daniel released an official lyric video for We Got Us on Nov.13th, which features tons of fan photos and candid photos of himself, which are also featured on his Instagram. The song has a cool, pop-acoustic soundto it which makes it impossible not to sing along to!

Its certainly clear to us that this song is dedicated to his unbelievably supportive fans. With only two years in the music business, and a rapid growing fan base, Daniel Skye is definitely anartist we’ll be watching in 2016!

The singer alsohas announced that there will be an official music video coming very soon. The fan dedicated music video will feature clips of his fans singing to We Got Us — how sweet!

We are so excited to see what 2016 has in store for Daniels career. Listen to “We Got Us” below.



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