Whats Coming up on November 10th? You Tell Us

Shwan Mendes

Vine Star, turned artist Shawn Mendes (@ShawnMendes)is a force to be reckoned with. After his debut of his song “Life of the Party” this Viner no longer sticks tophone screens. He has debuted several lyric videos recently including one of our favorite’s “Show you“.This Toronto nativehas anability to match his words with the music that allows us to feel better about any choicewe make, he’s truly inspirational, and it helps he’s a heartthrob!

He alsois surprising his fan’s on November 10th! The only problem iswe have no idea what it is. Luckily you have a chance to help us unveil this secret. On his twitter he specified that if you keep tweeting the hash tag #SomthingBigIsHappeningIt will be revealed. Keep checking back this week on his website http://www.shawnmendesofficial.comand make sure to tweet! Check out his lyric video “Show You” below!

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