Will Luc Give Up Grace? Watch Tonight’s All New Episode Of ‘Guilt’ To Find Out!

Tonight on an all new episode of Guilt, crown prosecutor Gwenolyn tries to pressure Luc into giving her the piece of information she has been desperately looking for in order to link Grace to Molly’s murder. However, she isn’t having much luck, since Luc is sticking to his story that he and Grace were on the roof together all night and Stan is working every angle to get Luc out of lock down at the police station. Because of this, Detective Bruno decides to jump in and play good cop and is shocked by what he discovers.

While Luc is stuck at the police station, Grace decides to team up with Roz in order to deflect suspicion off of herself by planting evidence on a new suspect with ties to The Courtenay sex club. Roz and Grace recruit Natalie to seduce Finch as a distraction, but Natalie may be in over her head when Finch takes her sexy flirtation seriously.

Meanwhile, after putting himself in danger by upsetting the wrong people, Patrick turns to an unlikely ally, Kaley, who is having a harder and harder time denying her attraction to him, and Prince Theo’s lies start to unravel when he accidentally lets something slip, leading his fiancée Charlotte to suspect he’s hiding something.

“A Simple Plan” airs Monday, July 25 at 9 PM ET on Freeform.

Watch some clips and check out some exclusive stills from tonight’s episode below.

Photo: Angus Young/Freeform

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