Wreck-It Ralph Rules The Arcade! (@wreckitralph @disneypictures)

 We had the pleasure of attending an Advanced Screening of Disney’s newest hit-flick Wreck-It Ralph! Wreck-It Ralph was a hilarious animated movie that kept the audiences attention the entire movie! Movie goers young and old alike all seems thrilled with the movie. For the older crowd they make reference to games they grew up playing such as Pac-Man, Sonic The Hedgehog, and even the original Mario Brothers, while opening the younger crowd to a whole new land of gaming. Wreck-It Ralph the game has many similarities to Donkey Kong Jr. where Donkey Kong Jr. Wreck havoc and tries to keep Princess Peach from Mario, in Wreck-it Ralph’s game, Fix-It Felix, Ralph wrecks havoc on his game’s town and Fix-It Felix Jr. comes to save the day and restore peace in the game.

One day Ralph feels like he is not a part of his game, because he is never invited to functions with the other people from his game and is put up to a challenge should he decide to change his fate. Ralph takes up the offer, and goes games jumping, but at what cost? You’ll have to just go and see Wreck-It Ralph, in theaters everywhere tomorrow, and find out for yourself! We give Wreck-It Ralph a 10 out of 10 for a great story line, amazing artwork and a great cast!

Will YOU go see Wreck-IT Ralph?