Your First Look to ‘Bigger Fatter Liar’ Starring Ricky Garcia and Jodelle Ferland

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Just in time for Big Fat Liar‘s 15th anniversary, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing their newest movie, Bigger Fatter Liar this April and it stars one of our favs Ricky Garcia!

In the film, Kevin Shepherd (Garcia) has gotten away with lying his entire life, but when scheming producer Larry Wolf (Barry Bostwick) steals Kevin’s idea for a hot new video game, the tables get turned.

Kevin realizes he’s met his match, a Bigger Fatter Liar, when Wolf refuses to admit the truth. Kevin declares, “game on,” as he and his best friend Becca (Jodelle Ferland) stop at nothing to get Wolf to tell the truth, plotting a series of devious pranks to set the record straight.

The movie is filled with crazy hijinks, so get ready for some big laughs in this hilarious comedy!

Check out the trailer below and make sure to pick up Bigger Fatter Liar on DVD on April 18th, 2017.

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