Zendaya Doesn’t Want YOU To Get Scammed!

Zendayawants you to be careful! There has been some company posting that she will be a part of the “Swag It Out Tour” on September 28th & 29th, 2012. Zendayaurges you NOT to buy tickets from them as she is not a part of the show in any way shape or form! She wont even be in the area the days of said tour. Check out Z’s YouTube Video alerting her fans not to be fooled! Zendaya’sYouTube video also came along with this message, “Hey HeyHey!! there are some fake promoters out there selling tickets to a “Swag It Out Tour” in New York on September 28th and 29th.. DO NOT BUY these tickets!! I am not a part of this and neither is Poplyfe, Bella or anyone else!!”

Are YOU glad Zendaya’s looking out for her fans?

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