2015 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports Awards: Best and Worst Dressed!

The attendees of the 2015 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports Awards brought a lot of comfort to the Orange Carpet this year. Every single one of the ladies looked absolutely stunning and the guys all looked handsome rocking their best casual looks for the evening. Although we enjoyed seeing most of the outfits on the Orange Carpet, there were a few that probably should have stayed in the closet, which is why we have narrowed down our best and worst dressed for the night and want to share them with you. Check them out!



Recording artist Ciara wore a plain white tee, ripped boyfriend jeans and a leopard print sweater to pull off the ultimate casual look. We absolutely love how she was able to dress-up her outfit with the printed sweater and her white heels. She kept her hair simple and she didn’t need any crazy accessories for this outfit to come together. Although, it does help that she has the handsome Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, by her side, sporting black jeans, a white tee and a sleek, black jacket. They definitely take home the best dressed couple award!

Brec Bassinger attends Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Sports Awards in a jersey dress with a matching football purse.

Actress Brec Bassinger chose to have a little fun with her outfit by wearing a white jersey and matching it with a blue football purse. She let her gorgeous, curly locks steal the show by downplaying her accessories and patterns. The outfit really represents what the show is all about and it’s just the right amount of comfort and style.


Actress Ryan Newman chose to barely accessorize so that she could give her outfit the attention it deserved. Although the pattern on the shirt and skirt don’t match at first sight, it somehow makes sense to put the two together. The outfit fits her just right and we love the way the skirt is cut. Newman played up the black on the outfit and was really able to bring it all together into a fun and funky piece.


And last, but not least, we have actress Daniela Nieves. Again, she kept her look very simple. We absolutely love her all-white two-piece outfit, adding a yellow purse and shoes to accentuate it. She makes the tube top and high-waisted, bell bottom pants look classy and comfortable.



We aren’t even sure what the host of America’s Got Talent was thinking when he put this on. Usually, Nick Cannon rocks some pretty nice suits when he’s hosting the show. Does he even remember how to dress casual anymore? Who knows? The entire outfit just looks awkward on him and his shoes are blinding our eyes. Plus, the hat needs to go.


From the neck up, US women’s soccer player, Ali Krieger, looks absolutely gorgeous. Her makeup is simple and we like the way she parted her hair and kept the style simple. However, we just don’t understand her outfit choice. The design for the dress makes it look like she wore a shirt that was too long and cut wrong. The bright blue also doesn’t seem to go with the other colors of her outfit. We wish she would have had a little more fun with her outfit, but her arms look amazing!


Christen Press, another US women’s soccer player, really struggled with her outfit of choice. The mustard-colored romper looks a little too big for her figure, hanging in all of the wrong places. We adore the shoes she’s wearing, but they don’t distract from the color of this outfit. We also wish she would have left her hair down so that she looked a little more casual. Sorry Christen, but you can’t win them all.


And to end our list is actress Rosa Blasi. This women has an amazing figure, but you can’t tell under this dress. The pattern reminds us of an optical illusion that you will just never quite understand. We love her blue heels, but they still don’t help pull the outfit together. Next time, she needs to keep it more simple!

Do you agree with our choices? Tell us who you think was best/worst dressed of the night!

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