8 Things To Know Before Season 2 Of HSMTMTS Is Released!

Calling all wildcats everywhere! Disney+ just announced that season 2 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will be released on the streaming platform on May 14th.

It’s been a while since season 1 when we were introduced to some of our new favorite East High Wildcats, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t kept up with them since!

Here’s a small recap to refresh your memory and a few things you need to know before watching the new season this Spring. If you haven’t watched or finished season 1 yet, you may want to stop right now to avoid spoilers, also what are you doing? Go watch it on Disney+ right now!

1. The entire cast is back…but there are also going to be more soon-to-be, fan-favorite Wildcats in town!

Season 2 is set to have our favorite East High students back in session for the Spring semester. But along with them, we’ll be seeing some new faces as well. Disney+ confirmed that Dear Evan Hansen’s Andrew Barth Feldman and Roman BanksShazam!’s Asher Angel, and Days of our Lives’ Olivia Rose Keegan will be joining the students of East High as they create more memories throughout the school year!

2. Ricky and Nini are back together, but Nini is also faced with a huge decision. 

Credit: Disney+/Fred Hayes

We left off the series with Ricky, played by Joshua Bassett, and Nini, played by Olivia Rodrigo, back together after the musical, and it was exciting for all of 30 seconds when right after Nini got offered a position at the Youth Actors Conservatory. While we were left at that cliffhanger, we’re hoping that she’ll be staying at East High. After all, once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat right?

3. The spring musical will be “Beauty & The Beast!”

The cast happily announced in February of last year that they will be taking on Beauty & The Beast for their East High’s Spring musical! We can’t wait to hear their take on the legendary, classic songs from the beloved movie.

4. Introducing North High and the Student Theater Competition

Credit: Disney+/Fred Hayes

Along with preparing for the spring musical, the East High drama kids are facing off against their rival school, North High, to win a student theater competition. This season we will be introduced to North High’s drama teacher, Zack, played by Dancing with the Stars’ Derek Hough, who recently moved back to Salt Lake City after pursuing his acting career in New York City. There’s chaos in competition, so who knows what this will bring?

5. More new, original songs are coming our way!

Get ready for an “All I Want” 2.0! Along with performing songs from the classic film for their Spring musical, the cast will be performing more songs from the High School Musical trilogy as well as new originals! Some of the original songs are written by lead actors, Rodrigo and Bassett. Rodrigo performed her original song “All I Want” in the first season of the series and the song has skyrocketed. The track became a trending audio on TikTok which lead to the track turning gold within a year. Rodrigo and Bassett also collaborated on a song together for the series last year titled “Just For A Moment,” which showcased their on-screen relationship. We’re anticipating more great music to add to our playlists this upcoming season!

6. The Drama Club has an Instagram page and their theater has been fully restored!

In their special, High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special, they released this holiday-themed music video for their new original song, “Something in the Air!” In the music video, they reveal that their drama club has an Instagram page now and their theater is being fully restored after being burned down last season.

7. Potential Miss Jenn love triangle?

Credit: Disney+ and Gabe Ginsburg/Getty Images

Along with being the Drama teacher at East High’s rival school, North High, Deadline reported that Hough’s character, Zack, is also Miss Jenn’s ex-boyfriend! Last season we saw Miss Jenn (Kate Reinders) getting closer with Ricky’s (Bassett) father, Mike Bowen (Alex Quijano), after a chance encounter at the bowling alley. With Miss Jenn’s ex-boyfriend back in town, there’s a possibility that there’s not only a love triangle going on between the students of East High.

8. The Real-Life Love Triangle

Credit: Sofia Wylie via TikTok

Let’s be honest, we can’t talk about the upcoming season without wondering about what is going on behind the scenes! Rodrigo and Bassett have been the talk of 2021 since the release of Rodrigo’s song, “drivers license,” which is still breaking records since its release. The song is rumored to be about leading co-star and love interest, Bassett with a small mention of “blonde girl,” Sabrina Carpenter. We can’t help but be curious about what it’s like when the cameras are off and if their on-screen chemistry will translate as strong as it did in the first season. While filming season 2, the cast has posted TikToks during their break times, but Rodrigo and Bassett are not seen together in any of them, which makes us wonder if there’s tension behind the scenes.

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Abbey (she/her) is a media intern for Celeb Secrets. When not reporting for Celeb Secrets, she enjoys traveling the world, attending live concerts, and spending time with her family, friends, and dog. She is currently working on her degree in…

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