Exclusive: Get To Know Recording Artist Tiffany Houghton (@TiffanyHoughton)

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Tiffany Houghton, a YouTube sensation from Nashville, Tennessee chatted with us about her music and her love for Nutella.
Why will you fall in love with Tiffany? She is a regular teenage girl, who loves to have fun and is full of life. She’s always singing and trying to make every situation a fun time. We caught up with Tiffany to talk about her new single, her future, some of her favorite things, and a private performance.

Tiffany is best known for her covers on YouTube, including acoustic covers of hit songs by Pink and Fall Out Boy. Her covers are a different rendition from the original songs, she adds her own twist on them. Fall Out Boy‘s own Pete Wentz is a fan, reblogging her cover on tumblr.

At 19 years old, Tiffany is making a SPLASH in the music scene releasing her very first single “High” on iTunes, August, 13th, 2013 ( She chatted with us about the writing process for her new single. She was on the phone with her best friend, when she was talking about someone she was dating. She was speaking about how she was feeling and out came the feeling “High.”  She told her friend if she can call her back and immediately started writing her song on the kitchen floor.

As for her music video, which is available on her YouTube channel, her and her team had a vision. A fun, upbeat beach theme with old school outfits and showing how “High” in love she is with this boy. Her video currently has over 1,000,000 views.

Tiffany is not just a singer and a song writer, she is just a normal 19-year-old girl who loves fashion, food, and of course taking selfies. No shame in the selfie game. We brought Tiffany a box of her favorite things that includes her favorite snacks, “boom chicka pop” and  Nutella. Her favorite lip and hair products, plus a lot more. Watch the video down below to see what other things were included and you could win this box of her favorite things, stay tuned for details.

What’s next for Tiffany? She is slowly going to be releasing singles, with videos, like she did with “High.” She will also be releasing an EP and going on school tours. Keep an eye out for this girl, because you’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the future.




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