Hannah Ellis Says Her Little Sister’s Devastating Breakup Inspired Her New Song “Someone Else’s Heartbreak” (Exclusive)

Hannah Ellis‘ hot new track “Someone Else’s Heartbreak” is out TODAY (February 10th) on all music streaming platforms, and it is truly a must-listen.

After releasing hit songs like “Us” and “Country Can,” the rising country star is back with a raw, honest track titled “Someone Else’s Heartbreak,” which draws inspiration from her little sister’s devastating breakup and “speaks the words she wishes she could hear.”

While she did not experience it first-hand, this breakup caused Ellis to “realize how often we don’t take our own counsel when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s easy to dole out hard truth when you’re on the outside looking in, but the same advice falls on deaf ears when it’s your heart that’s breaking,” ultimately creating a meaningful song that is exactly what all young women need to hear at one point or another.

In an exclusive interview with Celeb Secrets reporter Melanie Rooten, the Campbellsville, Kentucky native spilled the full story behind her hot new track, starting from the very beginning.

“I was actually walking into a co-write and my little sister called me and her boyfriend of two years had broken up with her like that morning, so she’s just like hysterical and having a moment,” she revealed to us. “I really wanted to write a song that was like, ‘this guy’s a loser and we didn’t like him anyways,’ but that’s like not helpful, and so instead, my co-writers and I, we kind of put ourselves in her shoes and remembered walking through those journeys on our own.”

“Truth and logic is not exactly what you wanna hear when you’re going through those moments, and so that’s the perspective. We took someone else’s heartbreak. It’d be easy to say all these good and pretty words if it were someone else’s heartbreak, but it’s yours, and it just feels different,” Ellis continued.

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With this song available to stream on all platforms, there is one question that still remains unanswered: Is her sister STILL heartbroken?

Hannah Ellis revealed, “when I initially wrote it, [my sister] couldn’t listen to it. It was too much, but now a couple years later, she’s actually engaged to someone else who’s really wonderful and she loves the song.”

While “Someone Else’s Heartbreak” isn’t exactly her story, the talented singer-songwriter always makes it a point to remain vulnerable in her music, spreading important messages to all of her listeners.

When asked how she channels the ability to let her walls down and be open in her music, Ellis revealed to us, “The reason I love being a musician is because I was so drawn to music that spoke for me that that I could listen to and that I could be like, ‘Oh my gosh. Same. Thank you so much.'”

“That’s what I see my abilities as a songwriter and an artist as, going ‘Hey, I’ve been through this. The odds are high that you’ve been through something similar.’ I just think music is something that makes us feel less alone, and if I can do that by being honest and getting in my feelings, then that’s the goal,” she continued.

The best music is the kind that comes straight from the heart, which may explain why we are OBSESSED with Hannah Ellis right now! She clearly has a bright 2023 ahead.

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Lucky for fans everywhere, “Someone Else’s Heartbreak” is just a glimpse into what is on the way for Hannah Ellis, and her vulnerability will continue to shine.

“Last year was kind of a hunker down and work and write and record, and this year it is time to release music, and I’m so excited because we have a lot more songs coming and an album coming later this year,” she shared with us, going on to reveal that we can expect to hear this new project “somewhere in the, late summer, early fall.”

According to Ellis, “There’s some songs on the record that are even more vulnerable than the stuff I’ve already put out, and I think that people will see a new side of me when they hear it, so I’m really excited about that.”

Regardless of what tricks she has up her sleeve, we can’t wait to see what the budding country star has in the works!

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When asked what else 2023 has in store besides the new album, Ellis revealed, “We have a couple really fun possible tours that we’re working on and just getting out and playing the music as much as possible leading up to the record coming out.”

In her concerts, the talented singer-songwriter “love[s] to have a good time.” She explained to us that in her opinion, “When you go to a concert, you’re meant to be there and have fun with your friends… so I just like have a great time on stage,” even covering the ICONIC song “No Diggity” in her set.

Until we can hear her new album AND hopefully catch her on the road, we will continue to stream Hannah Ellis’ hot new track “Someone Else’s Heartbreak” nonstop. Listen for yourself below, and let us know what you think of the song by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post or by sending us a tweet at @celebsecrets.

You can learn more about Hannah Ellis and her music by watching our full interview below.

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Originally from Southern California and currently residing in Music City, Melanie graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism before beginning her career as a music and entertainment journalist. Beginning to work for Celeb Secrets…

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