How Jawline Filler Gave My Face A Whole New Life — Without Changing the Way I Look

It’s no secret that non-invasive procedures are the key to giving your skin the boost it needs. With more conversations that normalize getting treatments like chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers, people have been taking the leap to try different things in hopes of feeling even more confident in the skin they’re already in.

As I approach my 30s in just a few months, I’m happy to share that I finally learned how to love myself for who I am and embrace everything that comes with being me. Being in my most confident, self-loving era yet, I find myself trying new things to keep my skin (and body) in tip-top shape by recreating new beauty trends along with quick aesthetic tweaks that don’t require going under the knife.

Last fall, I visited Lauréate Aesthetics in Sherman Oaks, CA for my first real round of Botox and dermal filler from co-founder Liana Sahakyan RN, MSN, and I’ve never felt more beautiful thanks to her natural, achievable, and maintainable approach to injectables. The Armenian native gave me just a few units of Botox across my face, Piriform under my nose and Juvéderm Volbella in my lips, making me feel like a whole new woman without drastically changing the way I looked.

So when the opportunity came up for me to visit Liana again earlier this year, I couldn’t wait to not only show the 7-year skincare vet how everything was settling into my face, but also continue my professional-grade skincare journey for the ultimate sculpted look.


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After our initial catch-up, Liana went ahead and assessed my face to check on the healing process, as well as discuss next steps to achieve my current aesthetic goals. While I am not insecure about my chin or jawline, my face is a little more on the rounder side, making it difficult (and tedious) to give myself a more sculpted profile with contour creams and makeup. I explained my situation to Liana, and she ultimately suggested injecting Restylane in the area to help define its shape while simultaneously softening laugh lines. For those who don’t know, Restylane is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that helps to soften deep laugh lines, such as nasolabial folds, and can be used to define the shape of the chin. It can also correct mild-to-moderate chin retrusion, with 98% of patients having improved double chin appearance after treatment, according to the brand.

Left: Before receiving Restylane. Right: One week after receiving two syringes of Restylane by Liana Sahakyan RN, MSN at Lauréate Aesthetics in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Just like my last visit, I did not lie down on my back for four hours following my appointment and avoided alcohol for 24 hours, per Liana’s orders. I also refrained from putting future pressure on my face by applying makeup and other skincare products — as well as drinking from a straw — for the rest of the day as its known to move the filler out of place.

To no surprise, I saw the subtle results almost immediately, which enhanced my already filter-like features from my previous visit. With my jawline looking absolutely snatched, I wound up completely ditching contouring my jawline in my everyday makeup routine thanks to two syringes of Restylane. While individual results may vary, Restylane is said to last six months to a year, meaning my chiseled look is bound to last me through the rest of awards season, this year’s hottest music festivals and other upcoming events this summer and beyond. One thing’s for sure — I’m never not going without some Restylane in my professional skincare routine.

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You can book an appointment with Liana by visiting her website here or by calling 818-650-2704. Lauréate Aesthetics is located at 1421 Ventura Blvd, Suite 201, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. You can also follow Lauréate Aesthetics on Instagram here and Liana’s work on her personal Instagram here.

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