Inside the Making of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ Dance Video (@JustinBieber)



Justin Bieber released the fourth single ‘Sorry’ off of his new album Purpose on Friday October 23, 2015. No surprise, this song features a fun, upbeat tempo, which certainly seems to be the focus of Justin’s new album and fans are loving it! With already over 24 million views in just two days, the dance video has fans ready to burst into song learning the moves.

The dance video was choreographed by Parris Geobel, a New Zealand based dancer who was told to make this music video “colorful, fun and upbeat” – nailed it! Parris Geobel has a mind like no other creating this unbelievable dance video. If you haven’t watched the video check it out, you will be shocked to see that Justin Bieber is actually NOT in the video itself as Geobel (seen in all black) is actually the center of attention in the video.


Originally Bieber’s team intended on making a lyric video for ‘Sorry’ however the dance was perfected so well, Geobel decided to make the entire video into a dance video rather than a lyric video. (Good call!) Geobel said, “I guess [Bieber’s team] liked it so much that they kept it a dance video,”.

The dancers in the video are actually from Paris Geobel’s very own, ReQuest and The Royal Family Dance Crew. When Geobel was assigned to choreograph the video she said “there were no auditions” and each dancer styled themselves in vintage ‘90s attire. Geobel also added that most of the wardrobe featured in the video is actually from her personal closet!

So what was the secret to perfecting this video? Geobel kept in simple without overthinking it. “The word that comes to mind is ‘spontaneous.’ Nothing was planned too much, not even the dancing. It was more like, ‘How do we feel on the spot?’” she said.


Excuse me as I watch this video a million more times trying to learn all the moves! We’re looking forward to hearing the rest of Justin’s album — so far so good Biebz.


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