JoJo Drops Music Video for Single “Say Love” – Watch Now! (@iamjojo)

New music video from Jojo? Yes, please!

The 24-year-old pop singer recently released a new video for her song “Say Love,” which was one of the three singles that were featured on her tringle this August.

The video takes place in a wilderness setting. At the beginning of the video, JoJo is peaking out the window of cabin looking and singing at who we see as her love interest.In other scenes, JoJo is singing passionately amongst the tall trees in a meadow and even on a deserted road.

We see her struggling to get him to notice what she wants from him. In the end, her leading guy rescues her from herself and all the doubt she had. He rides up on the same deserted road that she was on and grabs her in his arms. Showing her that he was there all along. Total heart eyes!

The song “Say Love” is about her confessing that she just wants him to say that he loves her. She is saying he can say all the right things, but all she wants from him is for him to say love.

The song is very soulful and heartfelt — nothing that we haven’t seen from JoJo before. If you enjoy what you’ve heard, you’ve got to check out her latest tringle III.


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