Jordynne Hahn Gushes on Throwing Epic Sweet Sixteen Party – “Absolutely Amazing” (Exclusive)

In the glamorous world of social media, there’s always something to celebrate, but nothing quite compares to a “Sweet Sixteen” party. Last weekend, influencer and content creator Jordynne Hahn rang in her milestone birthday with an extravagant celebration, and we got all the scoop.

The party was a perfect reflection of Jordynne’s vibrant personality and of course showcased her love of the color pink! Featuring dazzling decorations, great music, and delicious food, guests danced the night away celebrating Jordynne.

Jordynne worked with some great brands to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her guests. Partygoers were treated to gifting from Liquid IV, Alani, and yummy mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa. Jordynne wore multiple outfits to the occasion, including a stunning pink dress from Atiana’s Boutique and a cute black dress embellished with an oversized bow from Azazie. 

We caught up with Jordynne after the event to go over the party in her own words. Check out our interview below.

Courtesy of Jordynne Hahn

Celeb Secrets: Hi Jordynne, Happy Sweet Sixteen! Everything looked amazing. Can you tell us what your inspiration for the party was and what the planning process was like? 

Jordynne Hahn: “Yes of course and thank you for your nice Sweet 16 Birthday wishes! My inspiration for the event was a formal and super fun time for my family and friends. Everyone arrived looking absolutely amazing! We had a ton of fun with the Photo Booth as well as tons of TikToks and dancing to our DJ’s mix along with great food of course! The planning process took a while but with the help of our event organizer and my parents we got it done and everything went great!”

CS: Was it difficult to balance your career, school, and planning a party? How did you do it? 

JH: “Yes it’s always a balancing act with my career, school and planning although with doing school online and a lot of help from our event planner and my parents we were able to pull it off without too much stress thankfully!”

Jordynne Hahn

CS: We saw you worked with some really cool brands at your party. Tell us about that!

JH: “Absolutely and yes I was super fortunate to have LiquidIV, Baked by Melissa, Alani and Azazie Dresses all send their incredible  products for me and my guests! Everyone loved the products and I want to give a shout out and Sincere Thank You to all of these Super Amazing Companies for their support of my Sweet 16 Party… Thank you LiquidIV, Baked By Melissa, Alani and Azazie Dresses for your kindness and generosity!!! I look forward to continuing my partnership with all of these amazing brands!”

CS: Lastly, what do you hope to accomplish in this next chapter of your life?

JH: “This year has started out so incredibly well for me and super busy! I have a focus on continuing to give my followers and subscribers great and generous amounts of content. I am so very grateful for all of their support and kind comments!! Also, there are some really cool things that are in the works which are a little too early to elaborate on but I can’t wait to share with all of you soon!”


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