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Kayne West..

Kayne West, musical genius, fashion Icon, and newly father has recently released two new singles. Whats so special about these two? Neither of them unfortunately are for the new album “SWISH” project, but the single “Say You Will” was a track never released from 808’s & Heartbreak.

When I see It” and “Say You Will” both appeared on Sound Cloud, with no explanation so we cant help, but wonder why? even though we are left questioning we still love the two new tracks, and apparently so do you, both tracks were trending on Billboard + Twitter 140.

Mr.West has been very busy, appearing in fashion week with his new collection “Yeezy ” or his soon to arrive child its no wonder he is trying to keep his fan’s at bay while he works on his album. There is no worries here Kayne West, no one can hold an album release longer than Frank Ocean.



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