Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Think About Her Past In New Music Video “I Don’t Think About You”

Kelly Clarkson undoubtedly has some of the most heart wrenching songs on her new album Meaning Of Life, and one of them is “I Don’t Think About You.”

Clarkson just released her music video for the new single and its giving us chills. In the visual, Kelly is singing away her past struggles as they fade away and she forgets about all her troubles. With look a likes portraying her past self, Clarkson is singing about all her hardships she has been through in her life from family issues to battling her management in her early career.

In between the flashbacks, Clarkson walks up a staircase to where she stands on top of the platform as if she is superior to all her troubled past. While she is singing effortlessly from her powerful belts, her falsetto almost makes her feel like she is vulnerable. But when she belts, she shows that she isn’t letting her past take her down and she is clearly happy with the way she has become.

To all those who have affected Kelly, she clearly doesn’t think about you anymore.

Watch the emotional music video now:


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