Kira Kosarin: New Single “Replay” Is Now on iTunes! (@kirakosarin)

Kira Kosarin Replay CoverKira Kosarin is not only an actress–she’s a singer, too!

The Thundermans star made her singing debut with her new single, “Replay,” on December 1st.

“Replay” is a pop song about wanting to relive the great moments in life. The dance track has super-catchy lyrics that you can’t resist singing along to! What really appealed to us was that Kira not only sings on “Replay” but also raps! The song definitely puts the listener in a “throwback to the 90s” mood.

To purchase “Replay” click here.

ICYMI: The Thundermans got picked up for a second season! To get more info, click here.

We’re SO excited to see what Kira will be releasing next! Do YOU like “Replay?”

Photo: Instagram



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