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Kalin & Myles PromoHappy Monday, readers!

This week, we are introducing you to the newest group on our radar that go by the name Kalin and Myles. The boys — Kalin White and Myles Parrish — are a hip-hop duo that have been capturing the hearts of thousands of teenage girls one beat at a time. With 200,000+ followers on social media and a recording contract with Republic Records, we are confident that Kalin and Myles will be a hip-hop phenomenon very soon.

Rapping and making beats have been a staple in the boys’ lives since a very young age.  “I was making beats and rapping just for fun,” said Myles. “When I met Kalin, I was having a few friends over at my house and our mutual friends brought him over. We would say hi and stuff when we saw each other, but we weren’t like bff’s or anything,” he added.

“It wasn’t until a couple years later that I saw that Kalin posted a Miguel cover on Facebook. I ended up messaging him saying how he should come through since I had a studio set up in my house. Then one weekend he came over and we wrote a song, recorded it, and then made a video for it. We ended up putting it online by the end of the weekend. It wasn’t a massive world-wide response, but it was enough for us to want to make some more music. Then from there we had continued to have more fun with that.” he said.

This year, the guys inked a recording contract with Universal Republic Records, dropped their debut EP, Chase Dreams, and embarked on their first sold-out headlining tour. Kalin and Myles hope to release a full-length album very soon.

CelebSecrets4U caught up with Kalin and Myles while they were on their Chase Dreams headlining tour. In our interview, the guys talk about how they came together as a group, their debut EP, and more. Check it out below!

You are currently out on the road for the “Chase Dreams” Tour—What can fans expect from you guys when they attend a Kalin and Myles concert?

Myles: “A lot of energy! We are very influenced by creating a “turn up” scene and having fun.

Kalin: “We don’t like to call it a concert — we try to think of it as just a big party so the fans that don’t know us are left with a good memory and we can have them saying ‘I cant wait to see those guys again!'”

How is life on the road? What do you guys find yourself doing on your downtime?

Kalin: “It’s great! When we aren’t performing we’re eating and sleeping. We’re really on the grind–but other than that it’s all laughs. We also have to stay active because the fast food can get to us.”

What has been your most memorable moment on tour so far?

Myles: “We were really surprised by the energy Fort Lauderdale brought because the fans were really giving their all the whole night. The fans’ energy is something that we will remember forever.”

I want to talk about your new EP, Chase Dreams that came out June 17th—can you tell us about the writing and recording process you went through? How was it?

Myles: “There are a couple of songs on the EP that we got to write and produce ourselves. We wanted to bring a 90s feel to our music, so we brought together our main influences from that time and were inspired to make a few beats based from those inspirations. That’s when “Love Robbery” came out.

A few of the other songs weren’t written at home. It was our first time working in a real studio in LA. We got to record a few songs with Paramount and P-lo.” 

I also know you guys have a song on the EP produced by Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden— How did you guys end up collaborating with him and what was that experience like?

Myles: “A guy that Benji works with showed him one of our acoustic versions of our “Twerk” songs. Benji really loved it and shot us an email saying “Hey it’s Benji, I would love to work with you guys some day!” From there we connected and got to work on a few songs with him, one including “Ordinary Girl.”

For “Love Robbery”—what inspired the track and the music video?

Myles: “Real life inspired it! There was something that I was going through with this girl, I’m not saying I was going to get married to her, but there was something about her and everything went so fast and it was perfect.”

Why do you think our readers should check out Kalin and Myles? What makes you guys different from the other groups? 

Kalin: “I think we just give positive vibes when your chilling and listening to us and our concerts allow us to bring the party to you, the turn up is real, the turn up is among us.”

Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, can you share one secret or hidden talent—something we wouldn’t know about you—to our readers? 

Kalin: “I tell people I eat a lot, but little do they know I eat more than that! I’m eating a bagel during this conversation and probably will eat one more after this.”

Myles: “I used to rollerblade a lot at the skate park when I was younger I thought I would be a professional roller blader — I guess I’m a 90s boy.

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