Q&A: Indi Star Opens Up About Her Starring Role In “Charmers” And New Single “Afterglow”

In Boston, Massachusetts, a young girl was born with the musical bug. Indi Star is the Hollywood hopeful that we speak of, and at just three years old, she slipped on her dancing shoes to chase her dream. 


After years of practicing tap, ballet, jazz-funk, and even hip-hop – Star packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles to bring her passion to the next level and dabble within the entertainment industry. It wasn’t long until the blonde go-getter enrolled at the Gray Studios Drama School and booked her very first gig. 


Although she received the opportunity to appear in the fan-favorite web series Teens Wanna Know in 2017, it wasn’t until she scored a leading role in Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger when Star realized that she was experiencing her “big break.” 


“I remember when I was little, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m not getting a lot of auditions, and I was like I don’t know if I want to do this anymore,’” she told Celeb Secrets in an exclusive interview. “My mom actually came home, and she was like, ‘ you got an audition for Henry Danger.’ At the time, that was my favorite show ever, and it still is…it’s such a good show.”  


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Star continued to share that her time working on the set of Henry Danger solidified her love for acting and encouraged her to go out on more auditions. Casting directors instantly recognized the fire burning within her, and she began landing massive roles. For instance, Star has been seen in Betrayed as “Brandy,” “Chloe” in My Haunted House, and she even played herself in Q Wander


Most recently – Star has been channeling her energy towards her career-shifting role “Paris” in Brat TV series, Charmers. The family-friendly binge is about teen witches looking to defeat an evil demon that has been haunting a summer camp. “I am the mean girl, and my name is Paris in the show,” Star laughed before explaining she had to step outside her comfort zone to tackle the unusual character. “I always had roles that are kind of like me. I have never really had the opportunity to play a completely different character from me,” she concluded. 


When Star is not dominating the big screen, she works alongside talented songsmiths to create original music. Before becoming a young singer-songwriter, the triple-threat traveled around the country with Kidz Bop. However, in 2019 Star decided to break away and pursue a solo career. The budding songstress released five singles and raked in 2.5M followers on social media in a blink of an eye. 


With a loyal fan base behind her, Star released her mid-tempo single “Afterglow.” The electrifying track showcases her contagious vocals and relatable songwriting abilities. After listening to the love-centric anthem on repeat, Celeb Secrets at down (virtually) with Indi Star to learn more about her summertime anthem and about her starring role in Brat TV’s series Charmers 


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Celeb Secrets: Before we get into your music and acting career, we would love to learn more about you. Who is Indi Star? Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? 


Indi Star: “I am a content creator, an actress, and I am a singer. I have some music coming out, but I released five original songs last year. I have been acting and singing since I was eight years old and dancing since I was three.”


Celeb Secrets: You are an actress, dancer, singer, and even a content creator. So, out of all four – which is your favorite and why?


Indi Star: “Honestly, I love every one of them. I recently stopped dancing a little bit, but I’d say singing. I still love acting, and it’s my favorite thing, but I would say singing just because I always sing and I can’t stop singing. So, I feel like I couldn’t go without signing.” 


Celeb Secrets: If you had to cover one song and put your twist on it, what would it be and why?


Indi Star: “I love singing a lot of Olivia Rodrigo. I mean, me and my friends love listening to songs from 2016 and 2015.” 

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Celeb Secrets: You mentioned that you like to cover Olivia Rodrigo. So, which track from her recently released album would you say is your favorite? 


Indi Star: “Wow, I have so many! I really like “Favorite Crime” and “hope ur ok.” Those two are definitely my favorite.” 


CS: Let’s talk more about you! So, you started acting very early on. So, what was it like to be a child actress in Hollywood? 


IS: “It was really cool! I always have kind of looked a little bit older for my age. So, it’s always been like a little hard to book jobs because of that. I have natural blonde hair. When I was little, everybody that was going for the same role was blonde and stuff. So, it was kind of hard to get jobs, but it was super fun, and it was cool to experience this growing up and to learn what to do.” 


CS: You are best known for your role as “Kimmie” in Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger. Tell me a little bit about this part, and do you believe this role was kind of a stepping stone in your career? 


IS: “I remember when I was little, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m not getting a lot of auditions, and I was like I don’t know if I want to do this anymore.’ My mom actually came home, and she was like, ‘ you got an audition for Henry Danger.’ At the time, that was my favorite show ever, and it still is…it’s such a good show! I auditioned, and I remember going in and meeting the casting director, and they were so nice. I think I nailed it, and they had a photo booth out there. They had a photo booth that you could take pictures with while you waited for the audition. I definitely think it has helped me a lot.”


CS: So, what did you learn about yourself while working with the cast? 


IS: “ I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I wanted to do acting for the rest of my life. Acting has always been like my favorite thing ever. Every job I get, I start loving acting even more.” 


CS: We would love to hear more about your role in Brat TV’s series Charmers


IS: “Charmers is based on a camp, we’re all at camp, and there are four witches, and they are all friends. I am the mean girl, and my name is Paris in the show. Me and this one witch are best friends, but we are not anymore. I am really mean to them, and then there’s this new girl. She is part of the witches, and I am trying to take her from the other girls – I want her to be my friend. There is a lot of drama that happens in this show.” 


CS: How is Paris different from any other character you have played in the past? 


IS: “It’s very different. I always have kind of had roles that are kind of like me. I have never really had the opportunity to play a completely different character from me. So, Paris was like an enjoyable experience.”

CS: You are truly a triple threat! Tell us about your upcoming single, “Afterglow” ? 


IS: “I am so excited! I have been working on this since January. So, I am super excited for people to hear it. I have shown it to my friends, and they all love it. I am super happy and proud of the song that I have created. I feel like it’s more like me than my other songs.” 


CS: What was the inspiration behind the “Afterglow” lyrics? 


IS: “It is all about being in a relationship. I wrote this in January when I was in a relationship, and “Afterglow” is about being in a relationship and just being in the beginning part. For instance, not wanting to leave them and always wanting to be by their side.” 


CS: Could you walk us through the songwriting process? Did you have any co-writers on this project? 


IS: “I did have a co-writer on this project. She actually showed me the song, and we worked on it together. We changed some of the lyrics to fit me and fit kind of how I saw it – which was really cool. I listened to it, and I really like it! We recorded it two times…the first demo, we listened to it and changed some more lyrics, and then we recorded it.”


CS: You mentioned that you did not write this song. So, what jumped out at you about this track? 


IS: “Her son was very cool to me because it was definitely different than the other ones. I feel like her song was just like pop, and it was exactly what I wanted for a song. It was such a cool song, and I loved how it was called “Afterglow.” I loved it immediately when I heard it. So, I was really excited to work on it. 


CS: How would you like your fans to feel when they listen to “Afterglow” for the very first time? 


IS: “I am very proud of this song. So, I obviously want people to like it. I want people to feel like they can relate.” 

CS: Could we expect a music video for “Afterglow”? 


IS: “I have been working on a music video for “Afterglow,” and it’s going to come out a week after the song comes out. We hired an actor for it, and I feel like the people online will start shipping us. But, no, he’s just an actor! It has a lot of neon lights in it. I am really excited for people to see it.”


CS: What was your favorite memory while filming the music video?


IS: “The makeup person! She did such a good job on my makeup. I looked like a fairy, and she did my hair as well. She did such a good job on the hair, and learning the dance was really cool too. I have never really done partnering before. So, you will see lots of partnering!” 


CS: What inspired you to go solo back in 2019 and break away from Kidz Bop?  


IS: “Honestly, it was so much fun working with Kidz Bop. It was such a cool experience to work with Kidz Bop, and it helped me learn and grow as a vocalist. But then I felt like it would be really awesome if I started making and producing my own music.” 


CS: Since we are Celeb Secrets, do you have any behind-the-scenes secrets about your new single “Afterglow” or maybe about the music video? 


IS: “It was definitely one of my favorite songs to record, but I have worked with my music producer for such a long time. So, it always comes easy to work with them. It has never been a challenge, but obviously, like big music is a challenge. It’s not a bad challenge, but it’s a good challenge.” 


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