Stay Energized By Watching Drake’s New Music Video to “Energy” Here


Drake has done it again and has made his music video for “Energy” from his highly successful mixtape “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late” become the most discussed topic in the past few hours. Although his recent grown beard grew a lot of buzz on the Internet the new music video is sure to surface even more speculation.

The music video itself is a montage to the scrutiny many celebrity’s received in the past for choices they have made in their career. The main message of the music video is how some of the things the artist are known for was given a lot of negative feedback and those who were giving it were trying to in drakes words “trying to drain them of their energy”

The music video showcased morphed versions of Drake as Oprah during the infamous Tom Cruise interview, Drake morphed as Miley Cyrus in her highly debated music video “Wrecking ball”, Drake morphed as Justin Bieber in his well known ad as the new Calvin Klein model, Drake morphed as Kayne West in his widely discussed music video “Bound 2” featuring Kim Kardashian and even Drake morphed as President Obama during one of his well known speeches.

Drake shows time and time again his acting skills can always come into play which is what makes him entertaining as an artist and equally as talented. Want to check out the video? Anyone who has Apple music can stream it immediately on their phone so click the link here and enjoy and keep checking here for more celebrity news!



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