Style X Hosts Brands Like Bartholomew, Chicago Playground, and More at Its NYFW 2019 Show

NYFW: The Shows 2019 may not have officially kicked off until Friday, September 6th, but that didn’t stop the fashionistas of Manhattan from packing into Sony Hall the evening of the 5th for two pre-fashion week shows hosted by Style X. 

The first show, which began shortly after 7 p.m., featured performances by up-and-coming musicians like Amanda Holley and Blake Kelly before couture-clad models took the runway. Soon after the artists took their bows, Sony Hall was treated to a first look at new designs from brands like Chicago Playground, Bartholomew, Smock Me, and Bradelis.

Bartholomew at New York Fashion Week

Bartholomew was one of the biggest standouts of the night thanks to the new pieces’ unique theme of convertible hoods. Both men’s and women’s sweatshirts and t-shirts boast hoods that can either be worn as a typical hood, or, with the help of a hole in the hood, be pulled down over the face, covering the nose and mouth, but leaving the eyes exposed.

Bradelis’ new collection also proved to be one of the more memorable due to a pre-show dance number featuring a chair, a juul, and a dancer sporting some of the brand’s sultry new designs. Once the models began sauntering down the catwalk, the audience was given a more in-depth look at Bradelis’ lacy nightgowns and colorful lingerie sets for 2020.

Smock Me at New York Fashion Week

Smock Me took a quirky-yet-cute new approach with two-toned pants and dresses. Many of the new pant designs feature different colored legs, while nearly all the new dresses are made with a fabric of one color for the front of the dress, and a fabric of another color for the back.

And finally, Chicago Playground debuted its smart new Varsity Collection, which is all about letterman jackets, blazers, and sweaters with a prep school vibe. Rather than sporting the names of actual schools, the collection features the brand’s name and logo, meaning Chicago Playground fans can rock the new pieces no matter where they’re getting an education.

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