Tyler Posey goes to Disneyland with new GF?!

Tyler Posey, from Teen Wolf, was seeing at Disneyland and California Adventures being a big kid at an amusement park yesterday, Feb. 1st.

We guess Tyler Posey is not a football fan. Several fans spotted the Teen Wolf star and said he was nice enough to stop and take pictures with everyone. Tweets from people read he was “patient, sweet, funny, and a little drunk.”

But who was he there with? Several people said he was there with his new girlfriend! After he broke of his long engagement with ex-fiancé Seana Gorlick.

Tyler Posey was seen cuddling and kissing his new girl at the park. According to reports, she was very patient with Tyler taking pictures with his fans! Will this turn into a new serious relationship?

Here’s some pictures of Tyler Posey’s new girlfriend:



After a while, poor Posey was mobbed by fans and decided to leave the park.

Photos: Twitter


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