With the Release of Some New Tunes and “The Thundermans Return” Quickly Approaching, Kira Kosarin ‘Doesn’t Really Know What the Next Year Is Gonna Hold’ (Exclusive)

From acting to singing to producing, Kira Kosarin truly does it all.

The 25-year-old got her start as an actress on Nickelodeon‘s The Thundermans before pursuing a lifelong dream of hers to be a singer. Now, with TONS of new tunes out and even more on the way, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with within the music industry.

Kira has been said to “share her classic lyricism, rich musicality and vulnerability with her following of nearly 40 million fans across platforms, with no plans of slowing down any time soon,” and we are thrilled to hear all of the exciting new music she has in store.

Aside from her musical journey, the former actress will be returning to her roots for the highly-anticipated reboot of The Thundermans, The Thundermans Return, where she will be reprising her role as Phoebe Thunderman AND serving as an executive producer.

Celeb Secrets had the opportunity to catch up with her on the third day of VidCon last month, which doubled as the release day for her most recent single, “Before The Sad Sets In.” In our exclusive interview, the multi-talented personality shared some behind-the-scenes secrets regarding her upcoming music, The Thundermans reboot and more.

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When asked about the hot new track, Kira told us what exactly this new wave of music is all about…

“I wanted to make music for this era that is high energy and like fun and sparkly and poppy… but all of the lyrics are pretty raw and kind of talk about mental health and my life and kind of my brain behind the scenes,” she revealed to Celeb Secrets reporter Melanie Rooten.

“It’s kind of meant to be a representation of who I am as a person who’s like very bubbly and energetic and outgoing, but then when the cameras are off, you know, It’s hell in here, so that’s kind of what all the new music is about and represents,” the talented singer-songwriter concluded.

The last time we spoke to Kira Kosarin was at VidCon 2022, just weeks before the release of her five-track EP, Something New, and you can read the exclusive interview for yourself HERE.

According to Kosarin, “Something New was interesting for me… It’s almost like a little time capsule of this really interesting time in my life where I was like falling in love and growing up a lot very quickly and kind of trying to come to terms with what it meant to just be like soft and gentle and in love and optimistic, rather than like hardened and jaded and trying to be cool, which was great.”

While Something New served as a “little time capsule,” it is not representative of the budding songstress’ music as a whole.

“This new music definitely is the next kind of era,” she teased. “It focuses a lot more on kind of like what’s going on in my own head as an individual, as a human trying to like survive in the world, and it’s also just a slightly different genre.”

“I’m kind of moving more towards, like I said, kind of an indie pop, uptempo sound and really making music that sounds more kind of like the music I listen to. This new era is a lot more in the world of like Muna, Caroline Polachek [and] The 1975, like all of my kind of like indie pop inspirations, rather than the sort of singer-songwriter stuff of the last era,” Kira dished.

“I definitely feel very comfortable in the music that I’m making now. It definitely feels very me,” she concluded with a smile.

If the rest of her new tunes are anything like “Before The Sad Sets In,” we know that they will be absolutely spectacular!

Aside from working on new music, Kira chatted with us all about her experience becoming Phoebe Thunderman again for The Thundermans Return.

She reflected on her time creating the soon-to-be hit movie, ultimately revealing to Celeb Secrets that “going back to The Thundermans felt like it felt like a glitch in the time loop simulation.”

“First of all, it was really emotional. It felt like going back to high school a little bit, because that’s kind of the ages I was when I was on the show. It was really exciting to be able to come back as an executive producer and really kind of use all of the things that I learned on the original series and all of the passion that I have and love for this project and the people involved in it and get to turn it into a new version of itself,” the four-time Kids’ Choice Awards nominee gushed.

In addition to this, “It was really special for the cast reunite, you know, none of us had seen each other in like six years, so those first couple days on set were really emotional for all of us,” she revealed. “A lot of tears, a lot of just looking around with our mouths hanging wide open, especially when we saw the sets recreated, because those were like our home. I mean, we were on those sets, you know, 10 to 18 hours a day, every day for six years, so it was very cool.”

“There were a lot of like just inside jokes and references. A lot of catching up [and] a lot of ‘How’s your family? Who are you dating now? How was college?’ You know, it was like a family reunion really,” Kosarin concluded with a grin.

Photo Credit: @kirakosarin on Twitter

What’s next for Kira Kosarin? Well, the world is her oyster!

“I’m in this really interesting position right now where I really enjoyed working on The Thundermans movie, and it kind of reminded me how much I love like children’s entertainment and like multi-cam. I love making kids laugh… I want to make 10 year olds laugh. It’s so fun. It’s a dream job for me, so I’m like, I would love to try to make another show for Nickelodeon, even one that I’m not in,” she shared with Celeb Secrets.

In addition to this, “I also have all this music that I’m really excited about that I would love to put out. I haven’t toured in a while, so that would be really nice to do. Like, I’m vlogging and doing all that still, so I don’t know,” Kira spilled.

In general, “I don’t really know what the next year is gonna hold. I’m trying to just like trust my gut and do whichever one feels right in the moment, but I think maybe I’m gonna go on vacation first because I need that. It’s been years,” the New Jersey native revealed to us.

Whatever she plans to do in the future, we will definitely be cheering her on from the sidelines!

Be sure to connect with the soon-to-be superstar on Instagram @kirakosarin, TikTok @kirakosarin and Twitter @kirakosarin to stay tuned on ALL of her upcoming projects, and check out our full interview from VidCon 2023 below to learn more about them.

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With reporting credit by Melanie Rooten. For more coverage from VidCon 2023, click HERE


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Originally from Southern California and currently residing in Music City, Melanie graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism before beginning her career as a music and entertainment journalist. Beginning to work for Celeb Secrets…

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