Your First Taste of Pretty Little Liars’ Final Season – PaleyFest LA Recap

Hello Pretty Little Liars fans, this is a post you’re going to want to read!

As you know, the final 10 episodes are slowly approaching, and despite the excitement/anticipation for their issue, we can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for the final chapter of such an iconic show. But hopefully this time, we might actually get answers?!

If you’re all wondering what’s in store for you, Celeb Secrets got a sneak peak at the PaleyFest panel, held in Los Angeles. The exclusive first 60-second preview of the premiere show an injured and semi-conscious Spencer (Troian Bellisario), in hospital. She is surrounded by all her peers and Mary Drake (Andrea Parker), whom she had recently discovered is her real mother.

The girls seem to be coming to the realization that Noel and Jenna might be responsible for this. They state the two had been connected to Charlotte and Rollins. Suddenly, breaking a silent moment (during which the girls seem to finally put two and two together), Aria (Lucy Hale) utters the obvious answer — seeing that Noel was A.D. and is now dead. Meanwhile, they catch a glimpse of Toby (Keegan Allen) on his way to the emergency room, also injured, wearing a neck brace. Hence, the girls wonder — where could Yvonne have gone?

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And to top this eventful Saturday afternoon, the Pretty Little Liars cast took part in a Q&A, after having shared and expressed their fun memories together and gratitude for this experience, during which, Ian Harding shared his most embarrassing moments on set — like the one when him and Lucy Hale were filming a love scene, during which the actress had to wear “pasties” to cover her private parts.

The actor admits he thought it would be funny to take them and put them on his eyes. Realizing how sticky they were a little too late, one wouldn’t come off, resulting in numerous members of the crew having to get involved. He did get a couple of eyelashes off but managed to finish shooting the scene without too much trouble. He also spoke about a couple of nosebleeds, one in particular, during an “I love you” moment with Lucy — awkward!

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The show producer Marlene King also disclosed this last season would be “a love letter to the fans” after which she was questioned whether the letter would be a “love letter” or a “Dear John Letter”

Alison hadn’t fully dealt with her sexuality throughout the show, however, a part of this final season would incorporate the young woman’s journey to figure it out for herself.

-Marlene King


When the question was asked about the cast dating each other, Ian Harding admitted: “We’re all dating each other, basically!”

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One of the most moving moments of the Q&A had to be Shay Mitchell’s response to a woman from the navy, expressing her gratitude for the show’s open mind about the topic. She went further asking the actress if there had been qualms about taking up such a role and responsibility, and if there were any reluctance towards it?

Shay immediately expressed how grateful she was to play a character that others could relate to. Although it was hard for her to wear flats for the entire series (she loves heels!), she states: “love is love and it didn’t matter!” The young actress believes TV needed characters like Emily from the beginning, “what are we doing waiting for this for so long?”

Pretty Little Liars returns for its final ten episodes on Tuesday, April 18th @ 8PM ET/PT on Freeform. Celeb Secrets will be giving you the scoop on each episode every week, so make sure to check back for the latest updates.


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