Premiere: Watch Heather Cole’s Music Video for New Single “Stay”

We are excited to be premiering Heather Cole‘s music video for her new single “Stay“!

The Los Angeles-based, Alaska native’s latest single “Stay” features an emotional delivery of effortless high notes and velvety lower register. The song is inspired by a past relationship. Reminding us of a “Teenage Dream” Katy Perry.

Cole shared with us the personal message behind her single, “I cowrote ‘Stay’ with Rhett Fisher, Jeff Hoeppner, and producer Alex Cantrall about a year ago. It was inspired by one of my past relationships. It’s about knowing someone will break your heart, but deciding to be with them anyway. Choosing that it’s better to love and lose them than to not love them at all.”

This afternoon fans will get to enjoy and watch Cole’s music video shot in Nashville, where she partnered up with friend and choreographer Cameron Gilliam to tell a love story through dance. We don’t see music videos like this anymore!

For the music video, “I had the vision of telling the story of “stay” through dance. I’ve always loved dance and I really wanted it to be the focal point in this video. So I teamed up with director Ryan Hamblin and choreographer Cameron Gilliam in Nashville. Cameron and I started working on the choreography just a few days before filming, but he was able to bring my vision to life in that short amount of time”, Cole shared.

“Day of shoot, as I was being thrown around in the dance scenes, I ended up injuring myself 3 times! Even so I had the best time shooting this video, and I hope people enjoy watching it too!”, she added.

Heather Cole is currently in the studio working on an EP expected to come out next year.

Watch the music video for “Stay” below.